Path of No Return - Quest Guide

Gosetsu speaks of his concern for Yugiri, and you resolve to search for her.


This quest is available if you have completed the quest Daughter of the Deep.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Gosetsu in the Doman Liberation Front headquarters in Yanxia to begin the quest. You can reach it by diving underwater in the pool of water north of Namai.

Search for Yugiri

Go southeast and talk to the Liberation Front Sentry. Say Yes to exit. Go to the middle of the pool of water, and dive underwater by pressing Ctrl+Spacebar on keyboard or by pressing B on Gamepad. Go southeast through the underwater tunnel, then at the end, hold the jump button to go up to the water's surface.

Go southeast through the valley, then go to the orange circle on the map. Talk to Yugiri and there will be a cutscene.

Rendezvous with Yugiri

Go southwest to where the orange arrow is pointing in the minimap. Talk to Yugiri to complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, talk to Yugiri to accept the next quest: The Time Between the Seconds.