Moghan's Trial - Quest Guide

Moghan the alchemist asks you to gather ingredients for them, to prove your trustworthiness.


This quest is available if you have completed the quest Mountaintop Diplomacy.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Moghan in Moghome in the Churning Mists to begin the quest.

Obtain Sprigs of Cloudsbreath

Go northwest up the slope to the entrance of Moghome. From the Aetheryte, go north to the orange circle on the map. There is Cloudsbreath at the western side of the orange circle, and another at the southern edge of the orange circle. Go to the southeast side of the orange circle to find a slope leading north. Go up the slope to reach the final Cloudsbreath, at the northeast edge of the orange circle.

Deliver the Sprigs of Cloudsbreath

Go to where the Chocobo symbol is on the map, to find the stone bridge leading toward the Aetheryte. Go south from the Aetheryte and go through the arch between the two fluffy white lights, then go to the quest icon on the map. Talk to Moghan to hand over the Cloudsbreath and complete the quest.

Aether Current Quest

With the completion of this quest, you can now start the blue quest "The Bathing Bully" in the Churning Mists. Completing that quest will attune you to an Aether Current in this area.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, as well as the quests Mogwin's Trial and Mogmug's Trial, talk to Moglin to accept the next quest: Moglin's Judgement.