Making a Name - Quest Guide

One of your first tasks as an adventurer in Limsa Lominsa is to investigate the discarded herbs in Bulwark Hall.


This quest is only available if you started the game in Limsa Lominsa, and you have started the quest Close to Home.

Starting the Quest

Near Baderon, there is an NPC named Niniya at a nearby table. Talk to her to start this quest.

Speak with Skaenrael

Talk to the Lift Attendant and say yes when asked if you want to go to Bulwark Hall.

Gather the Peculiar Herbs

When you arrive in Bulwark Hall, you will see some sparkles on the ground. Interact with each of these (on keyboard, you can press Numpad 0 to target the nearest one, and press Numpad 0 again to interact) and you will gather a peculiar herb. Keep following the trail of these herbs, picking each one up as you go.

Deliver the Peculiar Herbs to Ahldskyf

After you pick up the sixth herb, there will be a green check mark above the head of the nearby NPC, Ahldskyf. Talk to Ahldskyf and you will be prompted to hand over the herbs. With a mouse, you can click and drag the herbs from the Key Items tab of your inventory into the Item Request window, or you can right-click the herbs in the Key Items window and choose Hand Over. After you have selected the herbs, click the Hand Over button to hand them over. After some dialogue, you can complete the request and get the rewards.

Optional: Attune to the Aetheryte

Since you are likely still doing the Close to Home quest, you can take this opportunity to complete one of the quest objectives: interact with the large crystal nearby to attune yourself to the aetheryte.

Next Main Scenario Quest

While this isn't a main scenario quest, strictly speaking, completing it is necessary to proceed with the main scenario. The next quest is simply the Close to Home quest.