Defenders for Ishgard - Quest Guide

The Dravanian Horde has attacked, and you meet the Ishgardian envoy in the Rising Stones.


This quest is available if you have completed the quest Mask of Grief.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Alphinaud in the Rising Stones to begin the quest.

Speak with Alphinaud

Go outside and go northeast to Coerthas Central Highlands, then go northeast to where the orange arrow is pointing in the minimap, or just teleport to Camp Dragonhead and go to the quest icon on the map. Talk to Alphinaud to proceed.

Question the Knights

Go west to where the orange arrow is pointing in the minimap. Talk to the four knights marked with quest icons.

Speak with Alphinaud Again

Go to the quest icon in the map and talk to Alphinaud to complete the quest. There will be a cutscene.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, talk to Alphinaud to accept the next quest: The Wyrm's Roar.