As the Heavens Burn - Quest Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 88 Endwalker quest "As the Heavens Burn".


This quest is available if you have completed the quest As the Heavens Burn, and have reached level 88.

Starting the Quest

Talk to Krile in Old Sharlayan to begin the quest. There will be a cutscene.

To be continued...

Speak with Lucia

Teleport to Camp Broken Glass in Garlemald, then go to the quest icon on the map. There will be a glow around Lucia, indicating a solo duty. Check on her and there will be a cutscene, and then the duty will ensue.

Solo Duty: As the Heavens Burn

Part 1

Dosis III is a single-target attack, and Leveilleur Dosis III is a single target attack that also inflicts a damage-over-time status on the enemy. Diagnosis is a single-target heal, and Leveilleur Diagnosis places a temporary shield on the target that blocks damage to the target until it is either destroyed by damage or its countdown finishes. Leveilleur Toxikon is a multi-target attack.

Stand between all of the refugees and use Prognosis until all the refugees' health is restored. If you miss any with Prognosis, you can use Diagnosis to heal the refugees individually.

Afterward, enemies appear, and Estinien soon arrives to help. Use Leveilleur Diagnosis on yourself, and on Estinien, to give yourselves shields, and use it again whenever your shields wear off. To heal yourself or Estinien, use Leveilleur Druochole if it is available, or if it is not available, use Diagnosis instead. You can also use Prognosis to heal both yourself and Estinien at the same time.

Use Leveilleur Dosis III to apply a damage-over-time status to the enemy, and use it again whenever the enemies' damage-over-time status wears off. Use Leveilleur Toxikon whenever it is available, and use Dosis III otherwise.

After you defeat the first wave of enemies, Estinien departs, and more enemies appear.

After you defeat the two Terminus Howlers, Check on the two Distressed Refugees.

After some dialogue, Estinien will reappear. Use Diagnosis on him, then attack the Terminus Idolizer, and use Leveilleur Diagnosis on Estinien to give him a shield. Whenever his shield wears off, use Leveilleur Diagnosis on him again. Use Leveilleur Druochole on Estinien whenever it is available, and otherwise use Diagnosis on Estinien. Attack the Terminus Idolizer throughout the battle.

Grief of Parting damages you and Estinien. Stay near Estinien and use Prognosis after the attack.

Deadly Tentacles is a high-damage attack on Estinien. Use Leveilleur Diagnosis on Estinien to give him a shield before the enemy's cast bar finishes, then after the attack, use Leveilleur Druochole or Diagnosis on him.

Tentacle Whip places a large attack marker on half of the area, then places an attack marker on the other half. Stand on the second attack marker that appears, then move into the space where the first attack occurred.

When bombs tether to Estinien, use Leveilleur Diagnosis on him to give him a shield. When the stack marker appears on him, use Leveilleur Diagnosis on yourself, and stand stacked together with Estinien. The bombs will hit one at a time, so attack the ones that are nearest, and use Prognosis as needed to heal yourself and Estinien.

Petrifaction is a gaze attack. Turn Alphinaud to face away from the boss to avoid this attack.

Whack is a high-damage attack on Estinien that hits several times. Use Leveilleur Diagnosis on Estinien to give him a shield before the enemy's cast bar finishes, then throughout the attack, use Leveilleur Druochole or Diagnosis on him.

The boss will continue to use the same attacks until it is defeated. There will be a cutscene.

Part 2

Use Crimson Savior on large groups of enemies. On smaller groups of enemies or for a single enemy, use Verflare Combo. Use Contre Sixte whenever it is available. Use Scorch Combo whenever it is available, but it will cause you to jump toward the enemy, then later to jump away, so make sure not to use it at a time when you need to hold your position. Use Embolden whenever it is available. You can use Vercure as needed to heal yourself and G'raha Tia, but he will also heal you throughout the battle.

Defeat the waves of enemies. Eventually, the Terminus Lacerator appears.

Black Star damages both you and G'raha Tia.

Keep the boss turned away from G'raha Tia, because it will periodically cast The Black Death, an unmarked cone attack from the front of the boss.

Deadly Impact places a series of circle attack markers on the battlefield, covering a third of the area in a line. Move onto the last set of circle markers that appeared, then move into the safe area left behind by a neighboring set of circle attacks.

The next Deadly Impact will instead create meteor towers. G'raha Tia will stand in one of them, so stand in the one that G'raha Tia is not standing in. After the first two meteor towers disappear, another pair will appear, and they will be followed by another pair. Each time, stand in the one G'raha Tia is not standing in.

The next Deadly Impact places a proximity attack marker under the boss. move to the edge of the area. at the same time, four additional circle attack markers will appear. Stand at the edge of the area, in a space between two of the circle attack markers.

Boulders will appear where the four proximity markers were. Soon, a line will point down onto the area, indicating that meteor will fall on that location. More lines will appear, until there are four of them. Hide behind the boulder nearest to the first line that appeared, so that the boulder is between you and the place where the meteor will land. As soon as it lands, the boulder that you were hiding behind will be destroyed, with a circle attack marker around it, so quickly move on to the boulder nearest to where the next meteor will land. Repeat this until all four boulders are gone.

Soon, the hotbar/crossbar Limit Break (Vermilion Pledge) will become available. Use it as soon as it is available.

Part 3

You will fight another Terminus Lacerator. The attacks will be the same as in the previous phase.

When you defeat the Terminus Lacerator, there will be a knockback attack and a circle attack marker in the center. Make sure not to stand in the circle attack marker. A Terminus Vanquisher will appear.

If you are not a healer, stay near Alphinaud.

Throughout the battle, avoid being in front of the boss, or you could get hit by the cone attack that it periodically uses.

Wave of Loathing damages you and all allies.

Mutable Laws places circle attack markers that cover the area. The smaller circles will grow, while the bigger ones will shrink. Stand in a place where the bigger circles overlap, while keeping your distance from the nearest small circle.

Accursed Tongue marks you and all allies with circle attack markers. Spread apart from other allies to avoid overlapping each other with your circle markers.

Thundercall damages all players and places a thunder orb in the center, followed by thunder orbs around the edge of the area. Each orb will create a circle attack centered on itself, one after the other. stand in the final circle attack that appears, then as soon as the center attack marker has disappeared, move into the center.

The next time that it casts Accursed Tongue, it only marks two people, and targets another person with Depress, a stack attack. If you have a circle attack marker, move away from your allies. If you do not have a circle attack marker, stack together with the person who has the stack marker. If you have the stack attack marker, move toward your allies and then stand still so that they can stack together with you.

The next Mutable Laws is paired with a knockback and circle attack in the center. Get knocked back onto the edge of a larger circle, because it will shrink, creating a gap at the edge that is safe to be knocked into.

After you defeat the Terminus Vanquisher, the duty will be complete. There will be a cutscene.

Speak with Alisaie

Talk to Alisaie to complete the quest.

Next Main Scenario Quest

After you complete the quest, talk to Lucia to accept the next quest: Outside Help. There will be a cutscene.