Thok ast Thok (Hard) - Trial Guide

A guide to defeating Ravana, the Lord of the Hive, in the 8-player trial Thok ast Thok (Hard).

How to Unlock

The Thok ast Thok (Hard) 8-player trial is unlocked by the level 53 Main Scenario Quest Lord of the Hive.

Defeat Ravana

The main tank should keep Ravana facing away from the party, and other party members should avoid being in front of Ravana.

When Ravana casts The Seeing Wing, he will be protected by shields on the left and right. Players who hit him from those directions will take a small amount of damage. Similarly, when Ravana casts The Seeing Tail, he will be protected by shields in the front and back. Players who hit him from those directions will take a small amount of damage.

When Ravana casts Prelude to Slaughter, don't be on the sides where he is pointing his swords. After he attacks from his swords, he disappears, and fiery line attack markers appear on the ground. Quickly move to a safe spot. After that, a donut attack marker appears, so go to the center to avoid damage.

When Ravana casts Slaughter, again avoid being on the sides where his swords are pointing, and then there will be fiery line attack markers on the ground that are in a cross pattern, leaving safe areas in the corners. Before you move to a safe area, wait a moment because two players will each be marked with a large circle attack marker that follows them. These players should each pick a different corner so that they do not overlap their circles, and the other players should go to one of the corners that is not covered by the large circle attack markers. The line attack markers will remain on the ground for a while and inflict Burn on anyone who steps on them.

When Ravana's Bloodlust gauge reaches 60, he will start summoning Spirit Ganas and Moon Ganas. Always kill Moon Ganas first. When there are no more Moon Ganas, kill the Spirit Ganas as quickly as possible. If you are too slow, the Ganas will cast Falling Laughter, which will add a sword to the area. You want to minimize the number of swords that appear by killing the Moon Ganas and Spirit Ganas as quickly as possible.

After the Ganas are killed or disappear by casting Falling Laughter, Ravana casts Bloody Fuller which will make all players float and be unable to act. Ravana will attack you with each of the swords that appeared during the Gana phase. If there are too many swords, you will not survive this attack and will have to start from the beginning of the fight, so be sure to kill the Moon Ganas and Spirit Ganas as quickly as possible.

If you survive this attack, look at the fence around the area to see that some gaps have opened up. Avoid being between Ravana and a gap when he casts knockback spells such as Slaughter, and Pillars of Heaven.

When Ravana casts Pillars of Heaven, go to the edge near one of the remaining fences. The farther away you are from the boss, the less damage you will take from Pillars of Heaven.

A player (usually the one with the second highest enmity) will be targeted with Surpanakha, which places a red indicator over their head. This player should move away from the other players and use shields to defend against the damage from the repeated hits of this attack.

Lightning orbs will appear, and will be tethered to players. The tethered players should keep moving away from their tethered orbs to avoid making contact.

During Swift Slaughter, four players will be marked with numbered swords. Ravana will eventually hit each player with a large unmarked line attack, in the order of the number of swords above each player's head. The marked players should spread apart from each other, and the unmarked players should avoid being in line with any of the marked players.

After this, go to the center to avoid the donut attack, then go toward the edge to avoid the subsequent circle attack around the boss. Anyone who is standing on this circle attack marker will be knocked back.

Completing the Quest

Defeating Ravana will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Lord of the Hive.