The Voidcast Dais - Duty Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 90 post-Endwalker duty, The Voidcast Dais.

How to Unlock

The Voidcast Dais, an 8-player trial, is unlocked by the level 90 Main Scenario Quest Abyssal Dark.

Phase 1

Terrastorm creates a large rock above one corner of the area. Stay away from that corner to avoid the circle attack that will occur there.

Crescent Blade hits the entire area that the boss is facing. Move to the rear half of the boss to avoid the attack.

Arctic Assault places two spiked walls on the area. Go behind a wall so the spikes are pointing away from you.

Void Meteor is a high-damage attack on the two players highest in the enmity list. These attacks also do damage in a circle around the affected players, so other players should stay away from these circles.

Lingering Spark creates multiple sets of circle attack markers under random players. Keep moving to avoid these circles.

Binding Cold damages all players and inflicts Frostbite status on all players that can't be removed with Esuna. Frostbite inflicts damage over time.

There will be a cutscene, indicating the start of the second phase.

Phase 2

Black Fang is a multiple-hit high-damage attack on all players.

When the boss casts Azdaja's Shadow, this indicates that the next attack will have an additional effect.

Shadow Crescent hits the entire area that the boss is facing, and it is followed by a large circle attack centered on the boss, so get behind the boss and keep your distance from him.

Shadow Crescent is sometimes accompanied with an attack that marks all players with circle attack markers that follow them, and sometimes it is accompanied with an attack that targets a random player with a stack marker. If there are circle attack markers, players should spread apart from each other to avoid overlapping each other with their circles. If there is a stack marker, unmarked players should stack together with the marked player to reduce the damage of the attack.

Two towers will appear, and one player will be marked by a knockback marker. The player with the knockback marker can move to an edge of the platform an equal distance between the two towers. All other players should position themselves to be knocked back into one of the towers. Make sure that each tower will have the number of players that is indicated by the number of columns in each tower.

There will be two proximity attack markers, and Azdaja will tether a player. Azdaja will perform a line attack in the direction of the tether, so the tethered player should try to point the tether toward the nearest edge of the area, while all other players should move away from the two proximity attack markers.

Gale Sphere creates four ghosts one by one, at each edge of the area. Make sure to remember the order that the ghosts appeared. There will be floating spheres in front of each ghost, but there will be a gap at each edge. The spheres will do a line attack across the area in the order that the ghosts appeared, so be sure to stand in front of the gap where the attack will happen next, and move to the next gap accordingly, until the spheres from all four edges have done their attacks.

Void Stardust places circle markers in the corners with arrows pointing in a certain direction. Stand next to one of these circles so that the arrows are not pointing at you, and when the circle attack occurs, move to where the circle was, to avoid the series of circle attacks that occurs in the indicated direction.

Eventide Fall targets two players with a line stack marker. The two marked players should make sure not to overlap each other's lines, and unmarked players should stack together in the same line as one of the marked players to reduce the damage of the attack.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest The Voidcast Dais.