The Tower of Zot - Dungeon Guide

A guide to the level 81 Endwalker dungeon, the Tower of Zot.

How to Unlock

The Tower of Zot, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 81 Main Scenario Quest In the Dark of the Tower.


Manusya Bio is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list. It inflicts poison status on the player that it hits.

Manusya Blizzard III consists of many narrow cone attack markers originating from the boss.

Manusya Fire III is a donut attack where the only safe area is near the boss.

Manusya Thunder III is a series of circle attack markers moving outward from the boss in a + shape.

Manusya Bio III is an area-wide line attack where the only safe area is behind the boss.

Transmute will send an orb to an arrow marker in the area. The indicated "Manusya III" attack will occur at that location, so if it is Transmute Blizzard, the indicated location will have narrow cone attacks originating from it, if it is Transmute Fire, there will be a donut attack at that location, if it is Transmute Thunder, a series of circle attack markers will originate from it, and if it is Transmute Bio, an area-wide line attack will originate from it, where the only safe area will be the small area behind it. The boss follows this with a Manusya III spell originating from itself, so be sure to watch which spells the boss casts so you can be prepared to go to the safe areas as soon as possible. The boss will have "Alchemy" statuses that show which Transmute spells have been cast. If you forget, check on the boss's statues to see which Transmute spells are going to occur.

Dhrupad will hit all four players, one after the other, inflicting statues that do damage over time and can't be healed.

From this point on, the boss will cast two Transmute spells, then a Manusya III spell, whenever using the Transmute attack. The first attack occurs in the southwest of the area, and the second occurs in the southeast, and the third originates from the boss. Be sure to check the boss's Alchemy statues if you forget which Transmute spells have been cast.


Isitva Siddhi is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Prapti Siddhi targets each player with a line attack, one after the other.

Manusya Berserk places untargetable Berserker Sphere orbs over the area. Soon, there will be a large circle attack centered on each orb. Move to the safe area where there is no orb. The circle attacks are large, so stay near the outer edge of the area. Anyone who is hit by the orb attack will be inflicted with Berserk status.

Prakamya Siddhi is a circle attack centered on the boss. Anyone inflicted with Berserk status will be hit by this.

Manuysa Stop inflicts each player with Manusya Stop status, one after the other. After the status countdown reaches zero, the player will be inflicted with Temporal Displacement status, preventing all movement and actions. The boss will then hit the inflicted player with an unavoidable line attack.

Manusya Confuse makes all other players look like the boss. Then multiple copies of the boss will appear around the area. The real boss will not be moving or dancing. Go to the real boss and stay near the outer edge behind it, because the fake copies will soon turn into Berserker Sphere orbs, which will attack with large circle attacks centered on themselves like before.

The Magus Sisters

Focus all attacks on Cinduruva (the yellow one). She will revive the other two if they are killed first.

Samsara damages all players.

Minduruva and Sanduruva will eventually appear, and will use some of the attacks that you saw in your battles with them, such as the line attack from Sanduruva, and the attack from Minduruva that inflicts elemental damage-over-time statuses on each player.

Delta Attack is a sequence of many attack markers throughout the area. It can take one of several forms:

Ice Delta Attack ("Glacial Ice, Entomb Our Foe!")

In the ice form of the attack, there is a proximity attack marker. Move away from it while dodging the line and cone attack markers. Another proximity attack marker will appear at the side that you ran to, so you will have to run back the way that you came while dodging attack markers.

Thunder Delta Attack ("Thunderous Tempest, Smite Our Foe!")

The thunder form of this attack consists of circle attack markers and line attack markers, and eventually, a stack marker on a random player.

Fire Delta Attack ("Insatiable Flame, Consume Our Foe!")

The fire form consists of donut attacks, line attacks, and circle attack markers that follow each player, requiring you to wait inside the safe area of the donut before you spread apart to avoid overlapping each other with your circles.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest In the Dark of the Tower.