The Seat of Sacrifice - Trial Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 80 Shadowbringers duty, The Seat of Sacrifice.

How to Unlock

The Seat of Sacrifice, an 8-player trial, is unlocked by the level 80 Main Scenario Quest Hope's Confluence.

Phase 1

Terror Unleashed will reduce all players' HP to 1 and inflict all players with The Walking Dead status. Healers must heal all players to full health to remove The Walking Dead status. Those who still have The Walking Dead status when its countdown finishes will die.

Solemn Confiteor will place circle attack markers under random players.

Coruscant Saber will either be a donut attack or a circle attack centered on the boss.

Absolute Fire III will place a countdown timer above all players' heads, with a ⏸ symbol in the middle. At the end of the countdown, you will receive the Pyretic status, which requires you to not move or take any action until your Pyretic status goes away. Be sure to stop your auto-attack by putting your weapon away (go to the official site's Basic Controls page and search for "Draw/Sheathe Weapon/Dismount" if you do not know how to do this), and don't move or use any actions until after your Pyretic status has gone away.

Absolute Blizzard III will place a countdown timer above all players' heads, with a ▶️ symbol in the middle. At the end of the countdown, you need to move and keep moving until after the attack hits. If you do not, you will be inflicted with Deep Freeze status, temporarily freezing you.

The boss will cast Imbued Blizzard or Imbued Fire, which will give the boss an elemental status. The next time the boss casts Imbued Coruscance, you not only need to dodge the donut or circle attack around the boss, but you also have to either move or stay still depending on which elemental status the boss had. As before, Fire means stay still, and Ice means keep moving.

Sword of Light will create a floating sword in the middle of one edge of the area. The sword will then go to one of the corners of the opposite edge, then the other corner of that edge, then back to its original point. Anyone inside of the outlined triangular area will take damage. To avoid the attack, stand to the left or right of the sword's initial position. However, watch out for an untargetable Bahamut to appear on one of the two sides of the sword's initial starting point, and make sure not to be on the side with the Bahamut, or you will be hit with a line attack that hits the entire half of the area that Bahamut is facing.

The Bitter End is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Elddragon Dive is a high-damage attack on all players.

Eventually, the boss will cast Ascendance, which immobilizes all players in chains. When the Active Time Maneuver begins, you can quickly type randomly on the keyboard or quickly press random buttons on the controller to fill the gauge. If even one player allows their gauge to become empty, all players will be defeated and you will have to start again from the beginning of the battle.

Ultimate Crossover will place four Limit Break gauges over the boss's head. One of the tanks must use Limit Break at this time (but not too early), or all players will be defeated and you will have to start again from the beginning. You can wait until the boss's Limit Break gauges have disappeared.

If you survive Ultimate Crossover, the battle will proceed to the second phase, and if you are defeated after this point, you will start again at the beginning of the second phase instead of at the very beginning.

Phase 2

Meteor circles will appear in the area. Each circle requires a certain number of players to stand in it, as indicated by the number of segments, spinning orbs, and lines pointing down into the circles. Make sure that the required number of players is standing in each circle that appears.

Growing circle attack markers will appear in the area. At this time, Bahamut will also appear at one side of the area. Move to the side that is not in front of Bahamut while also avoiding the circle attack markers and the growing domes that they leave behind.

Absolute Holy places a stack marker on a random player, and a spreading marker on another random player. The player with the spreading marker should move away from the player with the stack marker, running between the growing domes if needed to reach the other corner. The player with the stack marker should go to the opposite corner from the player with the spreading marker. Unmarked players should stack together with the player who has the stack marker.

To The Limit gives the boss Limit Break indicators. The boss's attack with one full Limit Break gauge is Radiant Braver, which targets players with a red marker. The boss will hit the marked players with unmarked cone attacks. These players should spread apart from each other, and unmarked players should avoid being near the marked players.

The boss's attack with two full Limit Break gauges is Radiant Desperado, which targets each healer with a separate line stack marker. The two healers should move away from each other so that they do not overlap their line markers, and unmarked players should be in a line with one of the healers such that there is at least one unmarked player with each healer.

The boss's attack with three full Limit Break gauges is Radiant Meteor, which targets four players with large circle attack markers that follow them. Each marked player can go to a different corner of the area to create a safe area in the middle for the unmarked players.

When the boss uses Sword of Light, this time there will be two swords. Avoid being within the two triangles by going to the edge near the starting point one of the swords.

Suiton: San places a knockback indicator in the area. Go toward the water spout that the knockback indicator is originating from so that you will not be knocked into the damaging area, or use a knockback prevention move such as Surecast, Arm's Length, etc.

Spectral Egi will tether several random players to an untargetable Egi. The tethered players need to turn the Egis to face away from the other players, because each Egi will perform large cone attacks in the direction that they are facing.

Perfect Decimation consists of alternating cone attacks originating from the boss. Stay in the safe area between cones when this attack begins, and as soon as a cone disappears, move into the area where it used to be.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Hope's Confluence.