The Heroes' Gauntlet - Trial Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 80 Shadowbringers duty, The Heroes' Gauntlet.

How to Unlock

The Heroes' Gauntlet, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 80 Main Scenario Quest The Converging Light.

Spectral Thief

Spectral Dream is a series of three high-damage attacks on the player highest in the enmity list.

Dash will consist of the boss having an attack marker, as well as being tethered to an arrow pointing at the ground. The boss will have countdown dots around it. When the countdown completes, the boss will dash to the tethered arrow and perform the indicated attack at that location instead of the location where it had been standing before it dashed.

Spectral Whirlwind damages all players.

Spectral Gust marks all players with circle attack markers that follow them. Players should spread apart from each other to avoid overlapping each other with their circles.

Chicken Knife creates untargetable Chicken Knives in each corner of the area. Each one will repeatedly target random players with line attacks going across the area. At the same time, the boss will cast Shadowdash, where the boss will have an attack marker, and this time there will be two tethered arrows, and the boss will have countdown dots around itself. When the countdown completes, the boss will split in two and perform the attack in both locations. Step out of the glowing Chicken Knife attack markers first, then move to a safe location from Shadowdash. If the boss has a line attack indicator for Shadowdash, keep in mind that when the boss splits in two, the line attacks will not be rotated from their original angle.

On the Way to the Summer Ballroom

On the way to the second boss, some of your allies will appear and help with the fight. Be sure to pull enemies into the blue attack indicators of your allies so that the enemies will be hit by your attacks.

Spectral Necromancer

Absolute Dark II is a large cone attack.

Necromancy places four dark circles on the ground. An untargetable Necrobomb zombie will come out of each of the circles and tether to a random player. They will run to their tethered players, doing low-damage attacks on them if they are close enough, before they eventually collapse and begin to glow. Move away from the glowing zombies to avoid the unmarked circle attack that occurs around each one.

Twisted Touch is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Fell Forces will place several large circle attack markers on part of the area. They will leave behind persistent puddles. If you stand on them, you will be afflicted with Bleed status.

More Necrobomb zombies will tether to players, this time with a dark tether, and each zombie will slowly crawl toward their tethered players. Players need to spread away from each other, because eventually the zombies will dash to their tethered players and inflict them with Death Throes, preventing the player from moving, and the zombies will then explode. If players are near each other with multiple zombies near them, they will take high damage, so be sure to spread apart before the zombies immobilize you.

Dark Deluge places circle attack markers in random locations.

Chaos Storm damages all players.

Spectral Berserker

Beastly Fury damages all players and places an unsafe area around the edges.

Wild Anguish targets a random player with a stack marker. Unmarked players should stack together with the marked player to reduce the damage of the attack.

Wild Rage places a circular marker in the area. This marker indicates that players will be knocked back from that circle. Players can either stand close to the circle or use knockback prevention moves such as Surecast, Arm's Length, etc. Make sure to avoid being knocked into the unsafe area around the edges.

The circular knockback attacks will place dark craters where they were. If you walk into these craters, you will get "A Bit Berserk" status that will increase if you continue to stand in the crater. If the status increases to 8, the status will change into Truly Berserk, preventing the player from controlling their character, who will run to the boss and automatically attack it.

Falling Rocks targets players with large circle attack markers that follow them. Players must spread apart to avoid overlapping other players with their circles. Each player will then be targeted with the Wild Anguish stack marker. Do not stack together for this attack. Instead, hide under the piles of rocks that appeared after players were targeted with moving circle attacks.

Wild Rampage is an attack that affects the entire area. It can only be avoided by walking into the dark craters in the area. Try to wait until the boss is almost done casting Wild Rampage before you go into the crater, to avoid letting your "A Bit Berserk" status increase too much.

Raging Strike will cause the boss to turn toward a random player and perform an unmarked line attack in that direction. Move behind the boss before it finishes casting Raging Strike.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest The Converging Light.