The Great Gubal Library - Dungeon Guide

Matoya's research is locked within the Great Gubal Library, and you must get past the library's sentinels to retrieve it.

Special Character in Duty Support

The Great Gubal Library can be completed with a special character if you use the Duty Support system.

How to Unlock

The Great Gubal Library 4-player dungeon is unlocked by the level 59 Main Scenario Quest Forbidden Knowledge.

Demon Tome

Kill the enemies along the path to open the barriers in the way.

The Demon Tome will frequently cast dark purple line attacks, first down the middle of the platform, then along the two edges, so be ready to step out of the way when these line attacks change positions. If you are hit with it, you will be inflicted with Slow.

A random player periodically will be hit with Blizzard.

The boss sometimes casts Repel, which knocks all players away from the Demon Tome.

When the Demon Tome closes and starts casting Disclosure, all players need to move behind the boss. If they do not, they will die when the boss finishes casting Disclosure.

Eventually the boss casts Words of Winter, covering the floor with ice. If you move, you will slide for a while in the direction that you moved. This can make it more difficult to move behind the boss when it casts Disclosure.

The Path to the Second Boss

After you defeat the Demon Tome, you will pass through a hallway with gremlin-like Spandules. The Spandules can inflict a Misery status on players that causes them to take more damage. Misery can't be cured with Esuna, but it can be cured by using the /comfort emote within 10 yalms of the affected player.

There are also enemies called Page 64 that will tether to a player and repeatedly hit the tethered player with a line attack, Death Ray. The tethered player can move to make Page 64 face away from everyone else.

When you reach the end of the hallway with a door to the left and right, the correct door is on the left; the one on the right is a dead end (but has a treasure chest in it). Go east if you find yourself in a dead end.


Byblos will sometimes target a random player with Head Down, a line attack that moves with the player. The player can reduce the size of this attack by getting close to the boss, to reduce the chance of hitting other players with it.

Byblos sometimes jumps back onto its book and becomes invincible. At this time, two Page 64 enemies will appear. The Page 64s will target random players with Death Ray, a line attack. During this time, Byblos will sometimes roar, inflicting all players with a stacking Vulnerability Up status. Kill the Page 64s to make an orb of light appear above the book where the Page 64 was. The orb will tether to the nearest player, who should go past the boss so that the orb will float through the boss. After you hit the boss with all of the orbs, it will knock the boss away from its book and remove its invincibility.

Gale Cut creates toxic clouds in the area. If a player touches one, the player will take damage from Vaccuum Blade and be knocked back, but this will also remove the toxic cloud.

Toxic clouds will destroy the orbs of light from the Page 64 books, so be careful not to let the orbs float through the toxic clouds.

The Path to the Final Boss

After you defeat Byblos, you will go through a number of straightforward hallways, then reach a downstairs area. There is a treasure chest in the west side of this downstairs area. After you defeat all the enemies in this area, a large door in the east side of the downstairs area will open. Go through it to reach the boss room.

The Everliving Bibliotaph

If you are marked with a red indicator above your head, move to an edge of the area between the large circles on the floor. An orb will appear where the marked players were standing, and each orb will repeatedly cast circle attacks centered the orb. It is important not to drop these orbs on the large circles on the floor. It is also important not to stand near these orbs.

The boss eventually casts Void Call, and the circles on the floor will light up with one or more columns of light. To prevent more enemies from appearing, players need to stand on each circle to turn off the glowing columns of light. If there is only one column, only one player needs to stand on the circle to prevent an enemy from spawning there. If there are two columns on a circle, at least two players need to stand on that circle to prevent an enemy from standing there, and three columns of light require three players standing on the circle. Once a circle is chained, players can ignore it and move on to any other circles that still have columns of light.

If any circles remain unchained when the boss finishes casting Void Call, enemies will appear in the unchained circles. Defeat them quickly.

The boss sometimes casts Deep Darkness, a donut attack that will hit the outer part of the area, so move into the center to avoid it. This is followed by Magic Burst, an attack in the center of the area. Move away from the center of the area to avoid it.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest The Great Gubal Library.