The Grand Cosmos - Dungeon Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 80 Shadowbringers dungeon, The Grand Cosmos.

How to Unlock

The Grand Cosmos, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 80 Main Scenario Quest A Grand Adventure.

The Seeker of Solitude

Shadowbolt is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Immortal Anathema damages all players.

Tribulation will place several circle attack markers in the area, and each circle will become a persistent puddle. If you stand in any of these puddles, you will be inflicted with temporary Heavy and Bleeding statuses, which can't be removed with Esuna. There will also sometimes be large circle attack markers to dodge after the puddles appear. Then, brooms will slowly move across the area, and when they encounter a puddle, they will perform a large circle attack. The attack is much larger than the puddle itself, and persists for a few moments. Note that the brooms will also damage you if they hit you, even if they are not currently sweeping up a puddle, so avoid being in their path. One side of the room will have puddles that are far away from the brooms that are approaching them. Start by moving to that side of the room, then go to the end of the room where the middle broom is. Wait for the middle broom to go past, then walk behind it when it is safe to do so. You can stay in this location to be safe from the remaining broom attacks.

Dark Pulse will place a stack marker on a random player. The other players should stack together with the marked player to reduce the damage.

Dark Well targets all players with a circle attack marker that follows them. Players should spread apart from each other to avoid overlapping other players with their circles.

Leannan Sith

Storm of Color is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Ode to Lost Love damages all players.

Direct Seeding creates grassy squares throughout the area. Four Leannan Seeds will fall onto random grassy squares. Players need to pick up a Leannan Seed by checking on it, then move to an area of dry, cracked earth, and use the special hotbar/crossbar action to drop the seed there. If a seed is still on a grassy area when the boss finishes casting Gardener's Hymn, it will grow into a Lover's Ring enemy that players will have to defeat.

Ode to Far Winds places many circle attack markers in the area, with safe areas in between, and also marks all four players with circle attack markers that follow them. Players will each need to find a separate safe area between the stationary circle attack markers so that they do not overlap other players with their moving circle markers.

Ode to Fallen Petals is a donut attack where the only safe area is near the boss.

The next time the boss casts Direct Seeding, there will also be a knockback indicator from one side of the room. The knockback attack will move the seeds one square over, so be sure to place the seeds in locations where they will be knocked onto dry, cracked earth, and not on grass.


At the start of the battle, take note of the targetable furniture and draperies throughout the area. These are flammable items, and you will need to make use of these items to avoid certain attacks.

The boss will sometimes cast Scorching Left or Scorching Right. Scorching Right will hit the entire area to the boss's right (the boss will hold its sword on the right side prior to this attack, and the area to the boss's right will have a swirling mist). Scorching Left will hit the entire area to the boss's left (the boss will hold its sword in front of itself prior to this attack, and the area to the boss's left will have a swirling mist).

Otherworldly Heat will mark all four players with dark red indicators above their heads. Cross-shaped indicators will appear on the floor where each player was standing. After a moment, the cross-shaped indicator will perform a cross-shaped attack, larger than the initial lines on the floor. Stay diagonal to the nearest cross-shaped indicator and stay a distance away from it. Note that if this attack occurs near one of the targetable pieces of furniture, that furniture will be burned and destroyed. Try to avoid standing near the furniture if you have a dark red indicator above your head.

Captive Bolt is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Culling Blade damages all players, and if there aren't enough flammable objects in the room, this attack also causes new flammable items to fall onto the area. Avoid standing on the southwest and southeast corners of the blue pattern in the middle of the floor, as well as the the middle of the north edge of this pattern, because the falling objects will land on you and damage you. The fallen objects are flammable. There will be a brief circle attack marker at each of these locations before the object falls there.

Mortal Flame marks all four players with light blue indicators over their heads. This will inflict each player with the Mortal Flame status, setting affected players on fire. If you do not remove this status, you will die. You can remove the status by standing near any of the targetable furniture or drapery items throughout the room. This will transfer the flame to the furniture.

Fire's Domain will mark all players with sword indicators over their heads. These indicators will represent numbers 1 through 4, indicated by the number of swords. The boss will dash to each player in the order indicated by their respective markers, then will perform Fire's Ire, a large cone attack toward that player. Players can reduce the damage of the dash attack by standing as far away as possible from the boss, and players can prevent hitting others with their cone attacks by staying near a wall. Note that the cone attack will also burn any flammable items that it hits, so it is recommended that players stay near the north and south walls to prevent burning the draperies.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest A Grand Adventure.