The Final Day - Trial Guide

A guide to the final trial in the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker main scenario, The Final Day.

How to Unlock

The Final Day trial is unlocked by the level 90 Main Scenario Quest Endwalker.

First Phase

Elegeia is an attack that hits all party members.

The boss will create two planets (Doomed Stars) that appear around the edge of the platform. One Doomed Star moves much more quickly than the other, and will eventually collide with the slower Doomed Star, causing a very large circle attack centered on the point of impact. Since it is easier to predict where the slower Doomed Star will be when the impact occurs, stay on the opposite edge of the platform across from the slower Doomed Star as it moves, to avoid the damage from the attack.

Galaxias knocks players back from the center of the platform. Go to the center of the platform or use knockback-prevention moves such as Arm's Length, Surecast, etc., to avoid getting knocked off of the edge.

When the boss starts casting Elenchos, look to see if the boss's mouth is glowing or if there are dark tears coming from its eyes. If the boss's mouth is glowing, there will be a large line attack marker going from north to south along the middle of the platform, so move to the west or east side of the platform to avoid damage. If there are dark tears coming from the boss's eyes, there will be two line attack markers along the west and east sides of the platform, so move to the center of the platform to avoid damage.

When the boss casts Death's Embrace, all players will be marked with a cone attack marker that moves with the player. Carefully move to avoid overlapping your attack marker with other players. Stay still if your attack marker is not overlapping other players.

After Death's Embrace, a large black feather will appear where each player was standing, and after a moment, a circle marker will appear around each feather. Move out of the way of these attack markers to avoid getting hit.

When the boss casts Apporhoia, four heads will appear along the north edge of the platform. Each head will create a line attack marker in front of it, going from the north edge to the south edge of the platform. To avoid damage, don't be in front of the heads.

Hubris will target both tanks, who should spread apart. If a player is near either tank when this attack occurs, they will take damage as well, so other players should avoid being near the tanks when they have the red indicators above their heads.

Second Phase

Elegeia Unforgotten is an attack that hits all party members. At this point, the attacks that you have seen thus far will start to be combined with other attacks, as explained below.

When the boss causes two Doomed Stars to appear, avoid the large circle attack as explained above, but this time, after the attack hits, the boss will reverse time, then stop time and record the impact event. The boss will then cast Fatalism, which resumes the backward flow of time, causing the two Doomed Stars to briefly move backward along the edge. The circle attack from the impact will occur in the same location that it did previously, but it will occur before the Doomed Stars collide again, so be sure to remember where the impact occurred, and avoid it the same way as before.

After casting Elegeia Unforgotten again, two more Doomed Stars will appear. After the first impact, the boss will reverse time again, and will also cast Galaxias, which knocks all players back from the center. Be sure to remember the location of the impact, and be knocked back to a safe location, or use knockback-prevention moves while staying far away from where the impact will occur.

The boss will cast Ekstasis, which creates five circle attack markers on the platform. Afterward, a head will appear in each of the five locations where the attacks occurred. A pool of darkness will begin to spread out from each head, and will grow until only four small spaces around the edge of the platform are safe. Be sure to go to the edge so you can be in one of these safe spaces to avoid taking damage from the pools of darkness.

The boss will disappear for a moment, then reappear at a random location at the edge of the platform and do a large line attack straight across the platform, while at the same time, players are marked with a circle attack marker that follows them. Go to one of the safe edges while you avoid overlapping your circle marker with other players.

Attacks will continue as described above, but some attacks will be combined, as described below.

The Doomed Stars attack will occur twice in succession. To avoid damage from this, remember the following:

  • If the planets are moving forward in time, the explosion occurs when they collide.
  • If there is a frozen impact at the edge of the platform, the explosion will not occur until after that impact turns into two planets moving backward in time, and the actual timing of the explosion is shortly after the backward planets stop moving.

The boss may sometimes cast Nemesis, which marks players with circle markers that follow them, requiring players to avoid stacking together while also avoiding other attacks.

The attacks continue until the boss reaches about 45% health, at which point it casts Planetes, and there is a brief cutscene.

Third Phase

A Kakodaimon will appear, and a Despair gauge will begin to fill until the Kakodaimon is killed. Kill the Kakodaimon as quickly as possible to prevent the Despair gauge from reaching 100. If it reaches 100, you will not survive.

During this phase, you also need to avoid Meteor Radiant attacks. Colorful lines will point from large planets around the edge. A circle attack will occur at the point where the colorful line touches the platform.

Meteor Outburst will mark all players with circle markers that follow the players. Avoid overlapping your circle with other players.

Katastrophe is an attack that will damage all party members.

When Katastrophe dies, the boss will create a large planet, and a countdown will begin. One of the tanks must use Limit Break to prevent the party from dying at the end of the countdown. Keep in mind that the protection from the tank Limit Break will only last for 8 seconds, so be sure to wait at least a few seconds after the start of the countdown, or just use Limit Break when the countdown reaches 5 seconds.

If you survive the attack, the boss will cast Fatalism and ready another planet, starting another countdown. At the end, a cutscene will occur.

Fourth Phase

The boss will cast Telos, which damages all party members.

The boss will cast Telomania, which hits multiple times, damaging all party members.

Circle markers will appear beneath each party member. Move away from the circle markers to avoid damage, but watch out for additional circle markers appearing beneath players at this time.

Continue attacking the boss, using DPS Limit Break if you wish, until the battle ends.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the Endsinger will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Endwalker.