The Dying Gasp - Trial Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 80 Shadowbringers trial, The Dying Gasp.

How to Unlock

The Dying Gasp, an 8-player trial, is unlocked by the level 80 Main Scenario Quest Shadowbringers.

Phase 1

Ravenous Assault is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Bad Faith places two walls in the area, each with a sharp side and a non-sharp side. The walls will each do a line attack from their sharp sides. Make sure to stand behind the non-sharp side of one of the walls to avoid taking damage.

Dark Eruption targets random players with circle attack markers that follow them, and will also place stationary circle attack markers in the area. The marked players can move to the edge of the area and spread apart from each other. The marked players should then stand still to allow other players to find a safe area.

Broken Faith causes discs to float down onto the glowing orange-red spots in the area. When a disc touches the platform, it will cause an explosion larger than the disc itself. It affects the entire area within the large circle on the floor around where the disc landed. Be sure not to be standing within the circular area where a disc is about to land. Be aware that a disc will also fall into the center of the area as well.

Shadowspread consists of a set of cone attacks pointing outward from the boss, followed by a second set of cone attacks that will hit the safe zones between the first cones. Wait for the first cone attacks to occur, then move into the space where one of the cone attacks occurred so you can avoid the second set of cone attacks.

Eventually, additional enemies will appear. Defeat them quickly to minimize the Fervor of the Ancients gauge that increases continuously while the additional enemies are alive.

While you fight the additional enemies, there will be other attacks to deal with. There will be line attack markers to dodge. A random player will be marked with a stack marker, while other random players will be marked with circle attack markers that follow them. The players with the circle attack markers should stay away from the player with the stack marker, and unmarked players should stack together with the stack marker.

Ancient Dark IV is a high damage attack on all players, which will do damage shortly after the boss says
(English) "Yawn wide, the ever-hungering void!"
(日本語) "すべてを呑み込む深淵の存在よ!"
(Deutsch) "Eine abgrundtiefe Existenz, die alles verschlingt!"
(Français) "Ô Abysses, ouvrez vos mâchoires béantes!"
The higher the Fervor of the Ancients gauge, the stronger this attack will be.

Phase 2

If the party is defeated during this phase, you will restart at the beginning of this phase instead of at the beginning of phase 1.

Titanomachy damages all players.

Shadowstream causes a purple orb to appear in front of the boss's face. Soon, there will be a line attack originating from the boss's face. When you see the purple orb, move to a side of the area so that you are not in front of the boss's face.

Dual Strike targets the tanks will circle attack markers that follow them. They should move away from other players to avoid hitting them with this attack.

When the boss casts Echo of the Lost, it will raise one of its arms above a side of the platform. It will swipe this arm across the platform, so the only safe area is the small area behind the boss's arm.

Polydegmon's Purgation hits the east and west sides of the platform, and the only safe area is a narrow line going north to south in front of the boss's face.

Hellborn Yawp places a marker above both tanks' heads. The boss will do very wide cone attacks in the direction of both tanks. The tanks should move near the boss so that the cones will not be aimed at any other players, and other players should stay out of the path of both tanks.

Captivity targets two random players with circle attack markers that follow them. These players will be trapped in an Aetherial Gaol. The other players must attack the Aetherial Gaol until it is destroyed. If the Gaol is not destroyed before the boss finishes casting Chorus of the Lost, the players inside will die.

All players will receive Doom status. To remove the Doom status, players need to stand on the glowing discs such that there is exactly one player standing on each disc. If the Doom status is not removed, all players will die and the battle will go back to the beginning of phase 2.

Wall of the Lost places a knockback attack marker either in the center of the area or from one side. Players should stand near the knockback marker's point of origin, or use a knockback-prevention move such as Surecast, Arm's Length, etc, to avoid being knocked off of the edge.

Shadowspread is a set of cone attacks originating from the boss.

Eventually, the boss casts Life in Captivity, placing all players in chains. There will be an Active Time Maneuver. When the Active Time Maneuver begins, you can quickly type randomly on the keyboard or quickly press random buttons on the controller to fill the gauge.

The Dark Devours is a high damage attack on all players that also inflicts Bleed status on all players.

The boss will begin casting Black Cauldron. If you do not defeat the boss before it finishes casting this, the party will be defeated and will have to start again from the beginning of phase 2.

Completing the Quest

Defeating will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Shadowbringers. Several cutscenes will play in sequence.