The Crown of the Immaculate - Trial Guide

You have ascended Mt. Gulg and defeated the Lightwarden's servants, and you must now battle for the fate of the world.

How to Unlock

The Crown of the Immaculate, an 8-player trial, is unlocked by the level 79 Main Scenario Quest Extinguishing the Last Light.

First Phase

Realmrazer damages all players.

Heavenly Host summons Forgiven Shame and Forgiven Venery enemies. The tanks should use moves such as Provoke (available to all tank classes), Shield Lob (Gladiator/Paladin), Tomahawk (Marauder/Warrior), Unmend (Dark Knight), (and/or) Lightning Shot (Gunbreaker) to ensure that these enemies focus on them and not on other players. All players should use multi-target attacks to defeat these enemies as quickly as possible. The enemies will use attacks that damage all players.

Daybreak places circle attack markers in random locations around the area. Avoid standing in these attack markers.

Sinspheres places several circle markers in the area, and an orb will slowly fall toward each circle. Make sure that at least one player is standing in each of the circles to reduce the damage of the attack.

At the same time, the boss will cast Enthrall, a gaze attack. Turn your character to face away from the boss to avoid this attack. If you do not, you will be inflicted with Confused status, which will cause you to attack other players until the Confused status wears off.

More Forgiven Shame and Forgiven Venery enemies will appear, and Vauthry will cast Guiding Light, making these additional enemies stronger. They will now target players with circle attack markers. Move out of the attack markers to avoid the attacks.

Exalted Wings damages all players.

Eventually, all players will be stunned, and the boss will transform. If the party is defeated after this point, you will restart at this point in the battle instead of at the beginning.

Second Phase

Righteous Bolt is a high-damage attack on the player highest on the enmity list.

Winged Reprobation places glowing weapons in the area, which will target multiple random players with line attacks. Keep moving as needed to avoid these attacks.

This is followed by a wavy, dotted line attack marker that will rotate after each attack. Stand in a gap in the line attack marker or rotate with it to avoid getting hit by it.

The boss will go to the center of the area and cast Rightful Reprobation, placing line attack markers across the area originating from the center. Move out of the line attack markers to avoid them. This attack will occur a second time, but there will not be line indicators the second time. Instead, it is indicated by floating weapons that appear at the edges where the first line attacks were pointing. The second attack occurs in the same position as the first, so stay where you are until the floating weapons have performed their attack.

Shadowreaver damages all players.

An untargetable Forgiven Venery will appear in the center, and four Forgiven Shame enemies will also appear. Only attack the tethered Forgiven Shame. When it dies, attack the next one to be tethered, and so on. The Forgiven Venery will consume the tethered enemy if you do not defeat it in time, which will increase the Immaculate Authority gauge. After the Forgiven Shame are gone, defeat the Forgiven Venery as quickly as possible. After that, the boss will cast Flaming Sword, a high damage attack on all players. This attack will be more powerful the higher the Immaculate Authority gauge became. If the gauge is too high, you will not be able to survive, and will have to restart the battle at the beginning of the second phase.

Third Phase

God Ray creates growing cone attack markers from the center, with small safe areas between each cone. Stand in a safe area to avoid the attack. The attack will occur in the order that each segment of the cone appeared. The boss will perform this attack again in an alternating pattern.

Light Pillar targets a random player with a line stack marker. All players should stack together in a line with the marked player as indicated by the attack marker.

The boss will become untargetable and cast Beatific Vision, which places a line proximity marker down the length of the area. Move to an edge of the circle that is as far away as possible from the center of this line proximity marker to reduce the damage that you take.

Drop of Light targets random players with large circle attack markers that follow them. These players should move to edges without overlapping the other marked players with their circles, and the the marked players should then stop moving to allow other players to find a safe area to stand in. Be sure to dodge any additional attacks that occur at the same time.

As the battle progresses, Winged Reprobation will create a glowing weapon that targets random players with line attacks, and at the same time, it will create a wavy, rotating line attack.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Extinguishing the Last Light. There will be a cutscene.