The Burn - Dungeon Guide

After Thancred hears a distress call from Alphinaud, you hurry to The Burn to find him.

How to Unlock

The Burn, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 70 Main Scenario Quest Feel the Burn.


Crystal Needle is a high-damage attack on the player highest on the enmity list.

Hailfire marks a random player with a target marker. This player should hide behind a rock to avoid damage from the attack. Afterward, players need to move away from the circle attack around the rock that was hit by the boss's attack.

Shardfall is an attack that covers the entire area. To avoid it, hide behind a rock, then move away from the rock to avoid its circle attack.

Dissonance is a large donut attack, where the only safe spot is beneath the boss. Stand under the boss to avoid damage.

If all of the rocks are destroyed, sometimes circle attack markers will appear in random locations. Move away from these. New rocks will appear in those locations, allowing players to hide behind them again.

As the battle progresses, the boss will sometimes jump to a random location before the Hailfire attack that targets a random player with a target marker.

Shardstrike places a circle marker on all players. The circle marker follows players as they move, so players need to spread apart. Players should also avoid overlapping any rocks with their circle markers, or the rock will be destroyed.

Defective Drone

Aetherochemical Flame damages all players.

Aetherochemical Residue marks a random player with a target marker. After the cast bar finishes, a poison puddle will appear under the marked player and will persist on the ground for a while. The marked player should try to go to an edge of the area to minimize the area affected by the puddle. Players should avoid stepping in the puddle after it appears.

Full Throttle will cause untargetable drones to appear at one of the burning sides of the area. Look above the drones' heads to see which one is giving off sparks and does not have glowing bars above its head. Stand in the path of the one that is giving off sparks and does not have glowing bars, and you will not take any damage.

Aetherochemical Coil is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Untargetable Rockbiters will appear at the north and south edges of the area. They will go from north to south or south to north. Make sure that you are not in their path.

When a Dreadnaught appears in the area, the tank should use their enmity move on it, and players should kill it quickly.

Mist Dragon

Rime Wreath damages all players.

The Mist Dragon will sometimes target a random player with a marker above their heads. The dragon will do a line attack in the direction of the marked player, so other players should stay out of the path of that player. This attack also places one or more ice puddles along the path that the attack occurred. Players should avoid standing in the puddle.

Fog Plume places a star marker under a random player. Line attacks will appear from where the star marker was, as indicated by the arrows pointing out of the points of the star. Players should look for the points of the star, then quickly move out of the path of the line attacks indicated by the points of the star.

If any player is hit by Fog Plume, they will be trapped in Mist. Other players should attack the Mist to free the trapped player.

Vaporize will cause the dragon to disappear, and three Draconic Regards will appear. A circle marker will start to grow from the center of the area. Do not attack the Mist Dragon at this time, or you will be knocked back and frozen. Players should destroy the Draconic Regards as quickly as possible to stop the circle marker from growing. Any players standing in the circle marker will be hit with Cold Fog, which will trap them in Mist, which other players need to destroy.

As the battle continues, multiple players will be targeted with star markers during Fog Plume.

Deep Fog will cover the area in fog, and all players will be afflicted with Dropsy status, which can't be healed. After a few moments, there will be a large line marker across the area in a random direction. While you wait for the line attacks, run in a circle around the area. If you get close enough to where the Mist Dragon is hiding, its line attack marker will appear, giving you enough time to avoid it. Move out of the line marker if you are in it when it appears. Anyone standing on the line attack marker will be trapped in Mist, and other players need to destroy the Mist to free any trapped players.

Touchdown will place a proximity attack marker at an edge of the area. Move away from the proximity marker to reduce the damage from it.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Feel the Burn.