The Bowl of Embers - Trial Guide

After you fall prey to Ungust's treachery, you must face off against the primal Ifrit.

How to Unlock

The Bowl of Embers, a 4-player trial, is unlocked by the level 20 Main Scenario Quest Lord of the Inferno.


The tank should turn Ifrit away from the party so his Incinerate (a cone attack) does not hit other players.

Ifrit periodically casts Vulcan Burst, which hits all players.

Ifrit will target a random player with Eruption, denoted by a fiery attack marker under the player. All players should stay away from these fiery spots to avoid taking damage from the Eruption spell.

Infernal Nail

When Ifrit's health reaches 50%, an Infernal Nail will appear in the middle of the area. All players must attack the Infernal Nail and kill it before Ifrit casts Hellfire, or the party will be defeated by Ifrit's Hellfire spell and will have to start the battle over from the beginning.

Radiant Plume

At this point, Ifrit will eventually cast Radiant Plume, which puts large attack markers in the middle of the area, which players need to not be standing on, and this will be followed by attack markers around the edge of the area, which players again need to step off of.

Completing the Quest

Defeating Ifrit will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Lord of the Inferno.