Paglth'an - Dungeon Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 80 Shadowbringers duty, Paglth'an.

How to Unlock

Paglth'an, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 80 Main Scenario Quest The Flames of War.


Critical Rip is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Lightning Bolt marks all players with large lightning circle attack markers that follow them. Players must transfer their lightning circles to the lightning rods around the edge of the area. Lightning circles can only be transferred to lightning rods that are not already electrified, so players should make sure to keep their distance from other players and each go to a different lightning rod from the other players. If you do not transfer your lightning circle, you will be inflicted with Lightning Resistance Down status.

Electric Burst damages all players, dealing more damage to any players who have Lightning Resistance Down status.

Thundercall places lightning orbs around the area. Some orbs are large and some are small. These orbs will repeatedly attack with large circle attacks centered on themselves. You will need to avoid these orbs the next time that you have a lightning circle that you need to transfer to a lightning rod.

Wide Blaster is a large cone attack from the front of the boss. This is immediately followed by Spike Flail, a cone attack from the rear of the boss that is only marked briefly before the attack occurs. The tank can minimize the areas affected by these attacks by pulling the boss to an edge of the area so that its face and tail are both pointing at the outer edge of the battle area.

On the Way to the Scalekin Pen

As you proceed to the next boss, Tiamat will sometimes help to attack your enemies. Pull enemies into the blue attack markers from Tiamat so that the enemies will be hit by her attacks.

Magitek War Machine

For most of this battle, you will be fighting multiple waves of enemies.

When you see the message "The cannon begins to accumulate energy...", look at the north wall and make sure not to stand in front of the glowing tubes, because each glowing tube will perform a line attack.

There will sometimes be a knockback indicator in the center. Make sure not to let it knock you into the path of a glowing tube.

Eventually, a glowing spot will appear in the area. All players must stand on it to be launched up to the area with the Magitek Core. It is not recommended to use Limit Break the first time you go up to the Magitek Core. Players should quickly do as much damage to it as possible. It will repeatedly damage all players with Defensive Reaction during this time. Eventually, it will knock all players back down to the area below, where the battle will resume.

There will now be more attacks to dodge while you defeat waves of enemies. Throughout this phase, remember to keep an eye on the tubes to see which ones are glowing, and don't be in front of the glowing tubes.

When missiles move slowly across the area, make sure not to allow them to hit you. Stand in one of the lines where the missiles are far away from you, then move to a neighboring line once the missile there have gone past.

When a glowing spot appears on the battlefield, stand on it as before, and deal as much damage to the Magitek Core as possible. Use Limit Break if it is available. Once you have destroyed the Magitek Core, the battle will end.

On the Way to Sunseat

On the way to the third boss, be sure to interact with the dragons to be flown to the final area.

Lunar Bahamut

Twisted Scream is a high damage attack on all players.

Lunar Nails will cause lines of circle attack markers to appear in the area, and a Lunar Nail will appear where each circle attack occurred. Once the nails are in place, large circle attack markers will appear around each one, and each circle will explode one by one in the order that the nails appeared. To stay safe from the attack, you can wait near one of the last nails to appear, then before the explosions reach you, you can move to a location in a different line of nails where one of the nail explosions has occurred.

Perigean Breath will target a random player with a large cone attack from the front of the boss.

Akh Morn targets a random player with a stack marker. Unmarked players should stack together with the marked player to reduce the damage of the attack. Players need to stay stacked together, because this will be a continuous attack that hits several times.

Megaflare marks all players with attack markers. Players should spread apart from each other and go to an edge of the area, because an explosion will occur where each player was standing, and there will be another circle attack marker left behind where the explosion occurred, indicating a second explosion that will soon occur there.

Lunar Nails will appear while the boss is casting Megaflare Dive. The boss will perform a line attack down the length of the area in the direction that it is facing, and you will also have to dodge the explosions from the Lunar Nails at this time.

Kan Rhai places a cross-shaped indicator over one or more players. Marked players should go to an edge of the area, because as soon as the boss finishes casting Kan Rhai, the cross indicator will stay in place and explode repeatedly. Marked players should move move away from their cross indicators as soon as the boss has finished casting Kan Rhai to avoid the repeated attack.

Lunar Flare places large, shrinking circles over the area. Look at the pattern of their shrinking to see whether the center of the area will have a circle marker over it, or if the center will have a safe area. Move to an edge or into the center depending on where a safe area will be.

Gigaflare is a high-damage attack on all players.

Flatten is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Paglth'an.