Mt. Gulg - Dungeon Guide

The people of Norvrandt have built a giant Talos to help you ascend Mt. Gulg and face the final Lightwarden.

How to Unlock

Mt. Gulg, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 79 Main Scenario Quest Extinguishing the Last Light.

Forgiven Cruelty

Rake is a high-damage attack on the player highest in the enmity list.

Lumen Infinitum is an unmarked line attack. The boss will turn to face a random player when it begins casting the attack. Make sure that you are not in front of the boss when it finishes casting this attack.

When the boss casts Typhoon Wing, it will move to the center and have a triangle with circle indicators at each point of the triangle. There will soon be a cone attack from each circle indicator, so make sure to stand such that you are alongside an edge of the triangle. This attack will be repeated a second time.

Cyclone Wing damages all players.

At this point, whenever the boss casts Typhoon Wing, there will also be three orbs near the edge of the area. These orbs will each perform a large, unmarked circle attack centered around itself. In addition, the boss will also perform an unmarked circle attack around itself at the same time. Whenever the boss is casting Typhoon Wing at this point, make sure that you are not standing too close to the boss, and that you are also not standing too close to any of the orbs, and that you are not in the path of any of the cone attacks originating from the points of the triangle around the boss.

On the Way to the White Gate

As you go farther, you will encounter Forgiven Apathy, an enemy embedded in a wall that blocks your path. This enemy will cast large cone attacks random directions, so make sure to keep moving to safe zones as you battle this enemy. You will encounter a second Forgiven Apathy on the way to the next boss.

Forgiven Whimsy

The boss will be in a fixed position throughout the battle. Attacks that normally do more damage when performed from a certain position will not have a damage bonus during this battle and can be performed from any direction.

Sacrament of Penance damages all players.

The boss will rotate its faces, and then will cast Exagenesis, causing an explosion on the segments of the floor that correspond to the segments that have faces on its body. Make sure not to be standing on segments of the floor that correspond to the segments of the boss that have faces on them.

Catechism is a high-damage attack on the player highest on the enmity list.

Judgement Day places a circle marker in the area. An orb will slowly fall toward that circle. Make sure that at least one player is standing in the circle. If you do not, all players will take damage and be inflicted with Vulnerability Up. The first circle is followed by a second one. As before, make sure that at least one player is standing in the circle.

At this point, when the boss rotates its faces and begins casting Exagesis, orbs will also appear in the area. Each orb will place a large donut attack marker around itself. Find a safe area where you are not standing in a donut attack marker, but also make sure not to stand on a floor segment that corresponds to a face on the boss's body.

On the Way to the Winding Flare

As you proceed to the next boss, be warned that you will face large groups of powerful enemies. The healer should be prepared to deal with the high damage on the tank, and the tank should be sure to activate one defense-boosting or damage-reducing move (such as Rampart, Arm's Length, etc.) to mitigate the damage, and when the mitigation wears off, activate another if necessary, and so on.

You will eventually encounter Forgiven Revelry, a large enemy that will periodically raise one of its hands. Make sure not to stand on the same side of the area as its raised hand, or you will be hit by its attack. At the same time, orbs will periodically aim line attacks at random players. Keep moving as needed to avoid these attacks.

Forgiven Obscenity

Orison Fortissimo damages all players.

Divine Diminuendo is a circle attack centered on the boss. Move away from the boss to avoid it.

At this point, the boss will gain the Vauthry's Blessing status. Whenever she casts Divine Diminuendo from now on, it will not only be a circle attack centered on her, but it will also create two Ring of Radiance donut attacks around her, one inside the other. To avoid this, you can stand as close as possible to the initial circle attack centered on her. This will keep you in the safe zone between the circle attack and the inner donut.

Conviction Marcato is a line attack in the direction that the boss is facing, and is accompanied by unmarked line attacks originating from each of the four circles pointing outward from the boss. Make sure to stand near where two circles meet, and don't be in the line attack marker in front of the boss.

Penance Pianissimo creates a damaging ring around the area, leaving a safe circle in the middle. Make sure not to stand in the unsafe area outside of the circle or you will be inflicted with Bleeding status.

Feather Marionette creates four copies of the boss at each corner of the area. Be sure to look for which of the Marionettes has glowing rings around her weapon and above her head, and stand near that one's circle attack, because she will have the Ring of Radiance around her circle attack.

The boss will cast Conviction Marcato with circle indicators around her to show where the unmarked line attacks will come out, and at the same time, the Marionettes will also cast line attacks at an angle, creating a safe diamond within which you will need to dodge the boss's line attacks as indicated.

Solitaire Ring places a line of orbs along one side of the area, and the boss becomes untargetable and moves behind the orbs. Eventually, rings will appear in front of the orbs in different positions. Each ring will perform an unmarked line attack. The farther the ring is from an orb, the later the line attack will occur. Therefore, stand in front of the rings that are farthest away from the orbs, then as soon as a neighboring line attack has occurred, move into one of the areas where a line attack occurred, to avoid the line attacks from the final rings.

Sacrament Sforzando is a line attack aimed at the player highest on the enmity list. This player should keep the boss facing away from all other players, and other players should avoid being in front of the boss.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Extinguishing the Last Light. There will be a cutscene.