Amaurot - Dungeon Guide

This page explains how to complete the level 80 Shadowbringers dungeon, Amaurot.

How to Unlock

Amaurot, a 4-player dungeon, is unlocked by the level 80 Main Scenario Quest Shadowbringers.

First Doom

As you proceed to the first boss, some of the enemies that you encounter will tether to you or your allies. Defeat these tethered enemies first, because they will inflict negative status effects on the tethered players. Terminus Detonators inflict Fire Resistance Down status, which will cause the tethered player to take more damage when the Detonator explodes when it is killed. Terminus Roilers tether to the healer and inflict Healing Magic Down.

The First Beast

Venomous Breath is a cone attack from the front of the boss.

Meteor Rain places very large circle attack markers on three random players. These circles will follow the targeted players. These players should each try to move into a different corner from each other. After the circles go away, a proximity attack marker will appear where each player was standing. Go as far away from each proximity marker as possible.

While avoiding the proximity attack markers, there will also be large red circle attack markers. A boulder will land in each circle.

The Final Sky damages all players, but it can be avoided by standing behind a boulder so that it is between you and the boss. However, later in the battle, there will also be series of circle attack markers that move in lines throughout the area. You may need to take damage from the moving circle attack markers in order to shelter behind a boulder.

"The buildings are beginning to collapse" causes a large part of the room to be covered with an attack marker. You can look to the side to see which of the walls has started to crumble, and run away from that wall. Otherwise, quickly find the narrow safe area and go there.

Earthquake is a circle attack centered on the boss.

The Burning Sky marks all players with circle attack markers that follow them. Players should spread apart from each other to avoid overlapping each other with their circles.

Terminus Bellwether

Shrill Shriek damages all players and summons many additional enemies. The boss itself becomes untargetable and flies away. Kill the enemies as quickly as possible, starting with the ones that tether to you or your allies. During this time, you will also have to dodge various circle and line attack markers in the area.

After you defeat the additional enemies, the boss will reappear and begin casting Burst. You need to defeat the boss before it finishes casting this spell, or you will be defeated and will have to begin this boss battle from the beginning.

Third Doom

On the way to the final boss, you will have to dodge line attacks from an untargetable enemy while also defeating the enemies in your path. Avoid standing in narrow areas where there might not be a safe spot to escape to.


You will die if you fall off of the battle area, so be sure to avoid doing so.

The area underneath and beyond the boss is not safe to stand on, so be sure to avoid it.

Shadow Wreck damages all players.

Apokalypsis is a wide, continuous line attack that hits the entire platform except for the small ledges to the left and right. Stand on one of these ledges to avoid the attack.

Therion Charge places a proximity attack marker in front of the boss. Move away from the proximity marker to reduce the damage. The boss will jump forward, reducing the amount of space that you have on the platform.

Deathly Ray makes floating heads appear on each side of the platform. After a moment, the heads will shoot a continuous line attack straight in front of them. If you are standing in one of these line attacks, quickly move to a safe spot. Afterward, the heads that shot the line attacks will disappear, and the other set of heads will shoot a continuous line attack in front of them, so be sure to move so that you are not in front of them.

Afterward, the boss will use Deathly Ray without the floating heads, and will instead shoot a continuous line attack from one of its own heads. Make sure to move out of the attack if you are standing in it. The boss will also target random players with circle attack markers. The boss will follow the first Deathly Ray with a second one from another of its heads.

Whenever the boss casts Apokalypsis from now on, one or more of the side ledges might be cracked and glowing. Be sure not to stand on a cracked ledge, because it will fall away during the Apokalypsis attack.

Completing the Quest

Defeating the boss will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest Shadowbringers.