Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard) - Trial Guide

Akh Afah Amphitheatre is Iceheart's sanctuary, where she will attempt to summon the primal, Shiva.

How to Unlock

The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard) trial is unlocked by the level 50 Main Scenario Quest The Instruments of Our Deliverance.

First Phase

If Shiva is holding a staff, she will target random players with Hailstorm, which appear as ice attack circles that follow the targeted players. The targeted players should avoid standing close to each other, and others should stay out of these circles.

She will occasionally use a room-wide attack called Absolute Zero that hits all players.

Eventually, Shiva will cast cast Ice Impact, which creates a set of five ice circles, one in the center, and four around the edge. Stand between the four edge circles and don't stand on the center circle, to avoid damage.

Eventually, Shiva's staff will disappear and she will hold a sword and shield. The tanks should turn Shiva away from the rest of the party so they can avoid getting hit by the cleave Ice Brand that she occasionally uses during this time.

She will also sometimes use a mild knockback called Heavenly Strike.

She will also sometimes use Glacier Bash, which stuns those that it hits. This can be dodged by moving behind Shiva before the cast bar finishes.

Second Phase

At about 65%, will summon four Ice Soldiers, then will cast Queen of Ice, which gives her a Damage Up buff. Eventually she will freeze everyone, so kill the Ice Soldiers quickly. Killing them will reduce the damage from her ultimate attack, Diamond Dust.

Third Phase

After you are unfrozen, if you survive Diamond Dust, avoid the outer edge of the area. It is surrounded by an ice wall, which will freeze players that touch it, trapping them in an Ice Boulder and giving them a Vulnerability Up status. Other players should destroy the Ice Boulder as soon as possible to free the trapped player.

Shiva will use Dreams of Ice throughout this phase, which gives her a stacking Damage Up buff. She will keep casting it as the battle goes on, making it more difficult to survive her attacks if the battle goes on for too long.

Shiva will sometimes cast Permafrost, creating slippery ice on the ground. Players will have the Thin Ice status while the floor is slippery, and they will also take damage over time from the Frostbite status.

Shiva will cast Icicle Impact, but this time, the rings of ice may appear one after the other. If this happens, stay near the first ice ring that appeared, and when that ring disappears, move into the area where it was, to avoid getting hit by the icicles.

Completing the Quest

Defeating Shiva will complete one of the quest objectives for the Main Scenario Quest The Instruments of Our Deliverance.