Wishing on Shooting Stars

At night, when the stars are out, there is a chance that you will hear a twinkle sound, followed by a shooting star. Look up with the R stick and press A to make a wish.

How to Wish on a Star

If you hear a twinkle sound at night, you need to put away anything you are holding in your hands, then press up on the R control stick until you are looking up at the sky, then press A while the shooting star is on screen. The star will get bigger and make a sound if you wished on it.

More Stars will Appear

If you miss a star, don't worry. Keep watching the sky, because there are almost always more shooting stars after the first one. You can wish on each star that falls.

Gather Star Fragments the Next Day

If you wish on shooting stars, check your beach the next day (after 5AM in your game). There will be star fragments on your beaches. Be sure to check your beaches multiple times throughout the day, because sometimes more star fragments appear after you have gathered the first ones.

Large Star Fragments

Most of the fragments will be small and yellow, but you might find a large white fragment as well. Sometimes the white fragments are just called Large Star Fragments, but there are also zodiac Star Fragments. See the Zodiac Star Fragments section below for more information.

Use in Recipes

There are certain recipes, such as the Star Wand, that use star fragments. If you don't have any such recipes, you might meet Celeste in your town at night sometimes. She will give you a Star Wand recipe.

Zodiac Star Fragments

Some Star Fragments are only available at certain times of year. See below for a list of these zodiac star fragments and when you can get them.

Zodiac Star FragmentDates available
Aquarius fragmentJanuary 20 - February 18
Aries fragmentMarch 21 - April 19
Cancer fragmentJune 22 - July 22
Capricorn fragmentDecember 22 - January 19
Gemini fragmentMay 21 - June 21
Leo fragmentJuly 23 - August 22
Libra fragmentSeptember 23 - October 23
Pisces fragmentFebruary 19 - March 20
Sagittarius fragmentNovember 23 - December 21
Scorpius fragmentOctober 24 - November 22
Taurus fragmentApril 20 - May 20
Virgo fragmentAugust 23 - September 22