Katrina's Fortune Telling

You can unlock Katrina's co-op shop at Harv's Island Market. She can tell your fortune and tell you about your friendships, and you can pay to purify bad luck.

How to Unlock Katrina's Shop

After you update the game to version 2.0, go to the airport on your island, tell Orville that you want to fly, and ask to go to Harv's Island. Go to the Harv's Island Market area behind Harv's house, and go to the Lloid in the bottom left of the area. Donate 100000 bells, and the next day, Katrina will open her co-op shop.


It is recommended to get your fortune told soon after you start playing because the fortune effects only occur after you get your fortune told. Make sure to have at least 11000 bells with you before you get your fortune told, in order to have the option to purify the bad luck if you get a bad fortune. It costs 1000 bells to get your fortune told.

Purifying Bad Luck

If Katrina foretells bad luck for you, you can pay her 10000 bells to purify the bad luck. This will set your luck to neutral for the day, preventing both positive and negative effects. If you use Katrina's purification service, she will send you a gift in the mail the next day.


You can pay Katrina 1000 bells to get information about your friendship with the villagers on your island. This will tell you how strong your friendship is with a villager and if there is room for improvement with your friendship. You will then have the option to pay 10000 bells to increase your friendship.

Fortune Effects

Fortune TypeEffects
Money (good)
  • More money from digging up glowing spot, shaking trees, hitting money rocks, popping balloons
  • Gold nuggets more likely from hitting rocks
Money (bad)
  • No glowing spot or money rock on your island
  • No gold nuggets from rocks
  • Less money from popping balloons
  • No chance of finding a gold nugget island when using Nook Miles Tickets at the airport
Friendship (good)
  • Friendship is increased with one randomly-selected villager
  • Villagers more likely to give you gifts
Friendship (bad)Friendship reduced with a random villager
Belongings (good)
  • Villagers more likely to give you gifts
  • Tools don't break (but will start losing durability again the next day)
  • Better Kapp'n's Boat Tour island
Belongings (bad)
  • Tools break sooner
  • Worse Kapp'n's Boat Tour island, with clay instead of Gyroid Fragment
  • No chance of finding a gold nugget island when using Nook Miles Tickets at the airport
Health (good)Food gauge increases more when you eat
Health (bad)
  • Food gauge increases less when you eat
  • You may sometimes trip and fall