A list of gyroids, and information on how to get them. Available after you download the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to Get Gyroids

From Gyroid Fragments

Go on Boat Tours and look for cracks in the ground. Dig them up with a shovel to get a gyroid fragment. Take the fragment back to your island and bury it, then water it with a watering can. The next day, dig it up to get a gyroid.

After Rain

The day after it rains on your island, there is a chance of finding a buried gyroid instead of a fossil. Just dig up the cracks in the ground with a shovel.

How to Use Gyroids

Place a gyroid on the floor, a table, or a wall in your house, or put it on the ground or on a table outside, and the gyroid will make sounds and movements. If there is a music player near the gyroid, it will make sounds and movements along with the music. You can deactivate or reactivate gyroids by interacting with them.

Where to Place Gyroids

Gyroids can be placed on the floor, on surfaces, or on walls.

List of Gyroids

Image Name Color 1 Color 2
aluminoid (Copper) Brown Brown
aluminoid (Blue) Blue Aqua
aluminoid (Black) Black Gray
aluminoid (Silver) Gray Gray
arfoid (Brown) Brown Brown
arfoid (Blue) Aqua Blue
arfoid (Pink) Pink Pink
arfoid (Yellow) Yellow Orange
arfoid (Green) Green Green
babbloid (Brown) Brown Beige
babbloid (Blue) Aqua White
babbloid (Green) Green White
babbloid (Purple) Purple Pink
babbloid (Pink) Pink Pink
babbloid (White) White Colorful
bendoid (Brown) Brown Red
bendoid (Beige) Beige Brown
bendoid (Orange) Orange Yellow
bendoid (Blue) Aqua White
bendoid (Gray) Gray Gray
bendoid (Green) Green Green
bloopoid (Blue) Aqua Blue
bloopoid (Purple) Purple Purple
bloopoid (Green) Yellow Green
bloopoid (Red) Orange Red
boioingoid (Orange) Beige Brown
boioingoid (Green) Green Green
boioingoid (Black) Black Gray
boioingoid (Wood) Brown Beige
boioingoid (Purple) Purple Pink
boioingoid (Blue) Aqua Beige
boomoid (Brown) Brown Brown
boomoid (Blue) Blue Aqua
boomoid (Purple) Purple Pink
boomoid (Black) Black Gray
boomoid (Camel) Yellow Brown
boomoid (Green) Green Brown
brewstoid Green Black
bubbloid (Brown) Brown Brown
bubbloid (Green) Green Green
bubbloid (Purple) Purple Purple
bubbloid (White) White Aqua
bubbloid (Pink) Pink Pink
bwongoid (Brown) Brown Blue
bwongoid (Blue) Aqua Purple
bwongoid (Yellow) Yellow Green
bwongoid (Green) Green Brown
clatteroid (Cute) Pink Colorful
clatteroid (Pop) Beige Colorful
clatteroid (Chic) White Black
clatteroid (Cool) Yellow Blue
clatteroid (Natural) Beige Brown
crumploid (Yellow) Yellow Orange
crumploid (Red) Pink Red
crumploid (Black) Black Black
crumploid (Brown) Brown Brown
crumploid (Blue) Aqua Blue
crumploid (Green) Green Green
dootoid (Green) Green Green
dootoid (Blue) Blue Blue
dootoid (Black) Black Gray
dootoid (White) White Beige
dootoid (Pink) Pink Pink
dootoid (Brown) Brown Beige
dootoid (Gray) Gray Gray
drummoid (Green) Green Orange
drummoid (Gray) Black Gray
drummoid (Purple) Purple Pink
drummoid (Blue) Blue Yellow
drummoid (Brown) Brown Aqua
flutteroid (Pink) Pink Pink
flutteroid (Yellow) Yellow White
flutteroid (Orange) Orange Purple
flutteroid (Green) Green Green
flutteroid (Purple) Purple Aqua
jingloid (Gold) Yellow Yellow
jingloid (Silver) Gray Gray
jingloid (Purple) Purple Purple
jingloid (Pink) Pink Pink
jingloid (Blue) Aqua Colorful
laseroid (Blue) Aqua Pink
laseroid (Yellow) Yellow Orange
laseroid (Silver) Gray Aqua
laseroid (Green) Green Pink
laseroid (Pink) Pink Pink
oinkoid (Beige) Beige Purple
oinkoid (Blue) Aqua Green
oinkoid (Brown) Brown Blue
oinkoid (Black) Black Gray
oinkoid (Yellow) Yellow Brown
oinkoid (Pink) Pink Red
petaloid (Pink) Pink Yellow
petaloid (White) White Beige
petaloid (Blue) Aqua Yellow
petaloid (Brown) Brown Beige
petaloid (Yellow) Yellow Purple
petaloid (Green) Green Yellow
petaloid (Purple) Purple Green
rattloid (Red) Red Orange
rattloid (White) White Pink
rattloid (Black) Black Black
rattloid (Green) Green Green
rattloid (Brown) Brown Brown
rattloid (Blue) Aqua White
ringoid (Red) Red Blue
ringoid (Purple) Purple Yellow
ringoid (Yellow) Yellow Beige
ringoid (White) White Aqua
ringoid (Green) Green White
ringoid (Blue) Aqua Pink
rumbloid (White) White Orange
rumbloid (Green) Green Green
rumbloid (Purple) Purple Purple
rumbloid (Gray) Gray Gray
rumbloid (Pink) Pink Pink
rumbloid (Yellow) Yellow Yellow
rumbloid (Blue) Aqua Blue
scatteroid (Brown) Brown Red
scatteroid (Pink) Pink Purple
scatteroid (Light brown) Orange Brown
scatteroid (Green) Green Green
scatteroid (White) White Aqua
spikenoid (Camel) Yellow Purple
spikenoid (Green) Green Yellow
spikenoid (Gray) Gray Brown
spikenoid (Orange) Orange Green
spikenoid (Light green) Green Orange
spikenoid (Brown) Brown Brown
spikenoid (Blue) Blue Aqua
sproingoid (Blue) Blue Blue
sproingoid (Green) Green Green
sproingoid (Red) Red Red
sproingoid (Camel) Beige Brown
squeakoid (Yellow) Yellow Colorful
squeakoid (White) White Colorful
squeakoid (Blue) Aqua Blue
squeakoid (Brown) Beige Green
squeakoid (Pink) Pink Yellow
squeezoid (Blue) Aqua Aqua
squeezoid (Black) Black Black
squeezoid (Yellow) Yellow Yellow
squeezoid (White) White White
squeezoid (Pink) Pink Pink
squeezoid (Beige) Beige Beige
stelloid (White) White Aqua
stelloid (Black) Black Gray
stelloid (Green) Green Green
stelloid (Blue) Blue Aqua
stelloid (Yellow) Yellow Yellow
thwopoid (Green) Green Brown
thwopoid (Beige) Beige Orange
thwopoid (Gray) Gray Green
thwopoid (Pink) Pink Green
tockoid (Cool) Yellow Blue
tockoid (Cute) Pink Purple
tockoid (Chic) Gray Black
tockoid (Pop) Beige Red
tockoid (Natural) Beige Brown
tremoloid (Yellow) Yellow Brown
tremoloid (Blue) Aqua Blue
tremoloid (Green) Green White
tremoloid (White) White Aqua
tremoloid (Purple) Purple Purple
twangoid (Black) Black Yellow
twangoid (Yellow) Yellow Brown
twangoid (Brown) Brown Red
twangoid (Blue) Blue Black
twangoid (Green) Green Brown
wallopoid (Blue) Aqua Pink
wallopoid (Brown) Brown Brown
wallopoid (Camel) Beige Beige
wallopoid (Black) Black Red
wallopoid (Green) Green Blue
wallopoid (White) White Pink
whirroid (Red) Red Gray
whirroid (Silver) Gray Gray
whirroid (Gold) Yellow Gray
whirroid (Blue) Aqua Gray
whistloid (Brown) Brown Brown
whistloid (Green) Green Green
whistloid (Blue) Aqua Aqua
whistloid (Pink) Pink Pink
whistloid (Yellow) Yellow Yellow
whistloid (White) White White
xylophoid (Brown) Brown Blue
xylophoid (Yellow) Yellow Purple
xylophoid (Pink) Pink Green
xylophoid (Blue) Aqua Yellow
xylophoid (White) White Yellow