Happy Home Paradise Walkthrough

Happy Home Paradise is DLC available for purchase for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allows you to decorate homes for animal residents.

How to Purchase

If you own Animal Crossing: New Horizons and are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, Happy Home Paradise is included at no additional cost. Otherwise, Happy Home Paradise is available from the Nintendo Switch eShop, or it can be purchased as a digital code from online retailers that you can enter in the Nintendo Switch eShop. For more information, see the official Nintendo.com page about Happy Home Paradise.


If you have purchased Happy Home Paradise, the next time you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook will call you and ask you to meet a new visitor at the airport. When you go to the airport, Tom Nook will introduce you to Lottie.

Go to Work

Whenever you want to play Happy Home Paradise, go to the airport on your island and say "I want to go to work." The airplane will take you to the island where the Paradise Planning office is located.

Meet Niko

When you first go to the Paradise Planning island, Niko will meet you. Follow him, then go into the office.

Get Into Uniform

Your uniform is in the locker upstairs, next to the mirror. You will automatically put on your uniform when working. You can use the mirror to customize your appearance as well. Your locker contains various clothing items that you are allowed to wear while on the job.

Your First Job

Client Consult

When you are ready, go back downstairs and talk to Lottie. After some dialogue, your first client will enter the office. The client will describe their vision for their vacation home, and the list of the furniture items that they require.

Go to the Island

Niko will take you and the client to the building site. You will go inside and Niko will explain what to do.


Decorating works similarly to decorating your own home. If there are any packages outside or indoors, be sure to open them first so the client's required furniture is available. Then press right on the directional pad to open the Order tab, where you can view additional furniture that goes along with the client's theme. The Order tab lists the required items at the top. As long as you have included the client's required furniture, you are free to use whatever other furniture you think looks good. You can also pick up Niko and your client to move them out of the way if needed.

Complete the Job

When you are done decorating, talk to your client and say you are done. Afterward, there will be a cutscene where your client explores the home that you designed for them.

Get Paid

You will receive payment in Poki, a currency specific to your work at Paradise Planning. You can use it to purchase items from the lobby of Paradise Planning. There will be more ways to use Poki later.

Buy Furniture from the Paradise Planning Office

The lobby of the Paradise Planning office has furniture items that you can purchase with Poki. The selection changes each day. These items will be added to your catalog if you purchase them, allowing you to purchase more of them with Bells.

Second Job

The next time you talk to Lottie and get dressed for work, she will explain that you can talk to the vacationers on the Paradise Planning island to offer your home design services.

Go outside and Niko will point out the visitors that you can talk to. When you go near them, you will see what they are thinking about their ideal vacation home. Talk to any of them and say "let's chat" to discuss what they would like.

Choose an Island

This time, after you agree to help a visitor, you will see a map of the available plots of land. You can use the same plot of land for any number of clients; each will have a separate plot of land and house at that location. Each location shows a preview image, and you can press X to change the season. (You will also be able to change the season after you arrive on the island, as well as the time and weather.) When you have picked a good location, press A and choose "Select This One".

Design the House and Yard

You will automatically go to the location that you chose. You can also design the yard, but be sure to include the required furniture items either indoors or outdoors (or both). For yard design, when outside, press down on the directional pad to switch to yard design mode. The first time you do this, there will be an explanation of the various controls.

Take a Photo

As before, talk to your client when you are ready to finish the job. This time, your client will ask you to take a photo using the camera app on your NookPhone. The photo that you take will go into Paradise Planning's design portfolio. Before taking the photo, feel free to move your client around and change their outfit as well.

After you take your photo, talk to the client if you are happy with the photo that you took. Then you will be done with the job.

Get the Happy Home Network App

Lottie will add the Happy Home Network App to your NookPhone. When you talk to Niko, he will unlock the ability to use the Happy Home Network app to visit the homes that you have designed. You can only visit the homes with the app if you are on the Paradise Planning island.

Get a Photo of Your First Home

The next time you talk to Lottie for work, she asks you to go back to your first client's home and take a picture for the design portfolio. Go outside and talk to Niko to return to your first client's home. Go inside and take a photo, then talk to your client when you are done. You will be paid 2000 Poki afterward.

Paradise Planning Photo

When you go back to your home island after your first day of work at Paradise Planning, check your mailbox to get a Paradise Planning Photo that you can display in your home or on your island.

More About Photos

After you design a home and tell the client it's ready, you will have a "Take Photo" option while they look at their new home. The first photo that you take will be used as the portfolio photo. You can press B to skip the client's cutscene.

Polishing Furniture

As you design more houses, you will unlock the ability to polish the furniture to make it sparkle. Just press L to switch to polishing mode, then face furniture and press A to make it sparkle, or press Y to remove the sparkle. Hold A to make it shine more. After this, you can polish the furniture at your own home.


As you design more houses, you will unlock facilities on the Paradise Planning island. If Lottie is not at her desk, go outside and look at the unused buildings outside until you find her. Talk to her to get more information. These unused buildings will be unlocked after you have completed a certain number of home designs.

Lottie will ask you to design the exterior, then you will go inside and Lottie will unlock resizing rooms, as well as customizing windows and entryway. After this, you can customize windows and entryway at your own home. When you view the Order tab, you will see that a certain number of certain types of furniture is required.

When you are done, Lottie will ask you to choose who will work at the facility, and will ask you to name it. Then she asks you to take a photo of the interior and exterior of the facility.

Afterward, you will be paid a large amount of Poki since it was a larger than usual job.

You can get items by talking to the people in the facility.

Promising Designer

After a certain number of home designs, your job title is upgraded to Promising Designer. You will get a raise, and will be paid 9000 Poki per job from then on. New clothes will be added to your work outfits. Use the locker upstairs if you want to change.

For a full list of job titles that become available, see the Rank and Titles page.

Help Leif

You may find Leif walking around on the beach. Agree to help him, and you will automatically take him to the school. He will talk about hybrid flowers, unlocking the ability to use hybrids in your home designs.

amiibo Scanner

Eventually, an amiibo Scanner will be added to the front desk of Paradise Planning. You can use it to scan Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards to invite them to the Paradise Planning island as clients, allowing you to design homes for them.


As you design more houses, you will unlock the ability to add partition walls. The partition walls are found in the "other" category when selecting furniture to place in the house. After this, Niko gives you a DIY for a partition wall. This allows you to place partition walls in your own home.

Pay Later for Purchases

Eventually, you unlock the ability to pay later for the things you buy from the Paradise Planning lobby. Be sure to talk to Wardell each day and keep designing homes until you unlock this feature. You can purchase one item that you can't yet afford, then when you can afford it, talk to Wardell to pay. You can only have one unpaid item at a time.

More Polishing Effects

Eventually you will unlock more effects that you can add to items by polishing them. Just press L to switch to polishing mode, then press + to open the list of effects that you can add. While looking at the list of effects, you can press X to choose a custom design to use as the effect.

Restaurant and Café

You eventually can choose to make a restaurant or café. After you make one of them, you can make the other at any time.

Ordering from Wardell's Catalog

Eventually, Wardell will talk to you about placing special orders. Talk to him and you will then be able to order any items that you have unlocked with your home designs, excluding items that are not reorderable, such as crafted DIY items. The items that you order will be mailed to your home the next day. All variations of the items are available to order, even if you haven't unlocked them in your NookPhone catalog. These items cost Poki. You can't use the "pay later" feature when placing special orders from Wardell's catalog.


Eventually you will unlock the Showroom feature in the Happy Home Academy app on your Nookphone. You can use this to browse designs by other players and share your own designs.

Unlock DIY Items in Home Designs

After a certain number of jobs, Lottie asks you to go upstairs and talk to Niko. After you talk to him and go downstairs, talk to Lottie, and you will unlock the ability to use DIY items in your Paradise Planning home designs. You can only use items that you have crafted at least once.


After a certain number of jobs, one of your previous clients asks about having a roommate at their vacation home. You can use an amiibo to choose their roommate, or sit at the table with Niko and the client to choose from the residents who already have vacation homes, or you can check the beach, restaurant, and café for potential roommates. When you have picked someone, you will go back to remodel the vacation home to accommodate the new roommate.

Unlock Soundscapes

After a certain number of jobs, Wardell will not be in the office. Lottie asks you to take a stroll around the island. You will find Wardell on the log on the north beach. Sit next to him. After he talks to you and goes back to the office, you will unlock the ability to add sounds to your home designs.

Pillars and Counters

You will eventually unlock the ability to add pillars and counters to your home designs, and you will also be able to build them at a workbench to add them to your own home.

Two-Story Houses

Eventually you unlock the ability to add a second story to your home designs.

Famous Designer

After enough home designs you are promoted to Famous Designer. This unlocks the ability to design clients homes according to your own theme. If you do this, there are no required furniture items, and you can give the home design a custom name.


Eventually, an ABD will be added to the Paradise Planning office. You can use it to exchange Bells for Poki and vice versa, according to an exchange rate that changes each day. There is an upper limit on how much you can exchange each day.

DIY from Niko

There is a materials box upstairs in the Paradise Planning office. Eventually, you will be asked to contribute materials to help Niko finish the venue for the music festival. Just check on the materials box (next to the DIY bench) to find out what materials are needed. You can use the home storage cabinet (next to the mirror) to get materials from your storage if you have any. Keep checking the materials box for more requests from Niko. After you contribute all the materials, you will get a DIY from Niko the next day.

Using Items from the Nook Catalog

One day, Tom Nook will visit Paradise Planning and unlock the ability to use anything that you have unlocked in the Nook Catalog while designing homes.

Final Facility: Apparel Shop

The final facility to design is the Apparel Shop. After you complete it, the music festival will begin.

Music Festival

During the music festival, you will see the photos that you have taken of the homes and facilities that you have designed so far. Afterward, Wardell will put clothing from the music festival in the apparel shop for you to purchase, and you will learn some dance Reactions. You can watch the music festival again by talking to those who aren't attending the festival, such as those who work at the facilities.

Remodeling Homes on Your Island

The day after the music festival, Tom Nook will call you. Go into Resident Services to learn about redecorating and remodeling the homes of your villagers. You can talk to Tom Nook and choose "Let's talk homes" to choose a villager's home to redecorate or remodel. It costs 9000 per remodel, and the changes will be made the following day.

Nat's Lecture

One day, Nat the chameleon will be on the beach at the Paradise Planning island. Talk to him to get a lecture at the school. This will unlock the ability to select bugs to roam freely in clients' yards. You can do so by opening your pockets and selecting any bugs from there, then press A to release the selected bug. You can also press Y to see which bugs you have released in the client's yard, and can return any released bugs to your pockets.

Room Sketch App

One day, Lottie will add the Room Sketch app to your NookPhone. It lets you practice interior decorating any time, and you can use it to recommend your designs to your clients. It also unlocks the Room Sketch Wallpaper and Room Sketch Flooring in Wardell's catalog, in the Paradise Planning tab.

After completing more home designs, you will be able to expand the café to add a gallery on the second floor. You are free to design the gallery however you wish.