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You might sometimes find Label visiting your town plaza. Complete her fashion challenge to get free clothes, and tailors tickets for shop discounts.

Label's Fashion Challenge

Label gives you a fashion challenge, where you have to wear an outfit that fits the theme. She will give you a free clothing item that matches the theme.

Wear an outfit that you think matches the theme. You can shop at Ables to look for more clothes. When you are wearing the outfit that you want, talk to Label. If you are wearing a good outfit, she will mail you up to two tailors tickets, which are good for one item worth 3000 bells or fewer from the tailor shop. She will also give you a handmade Labelle clothing item, which will start being sold at Able Sisters.

No Wand Outfits

Label won't accept wand outfits, so be sure to use a wand to remove your wand outfit if you are wearing one.

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