You might sometimes find Label visiting your town plaza. Complete her fashion challenge to get free clothes, and tailors tickets for shop discounts.

Label's Fashion Challenge

Label gives you a fashion challenge, where you have to wear an outfit that fits the theme. She will give you a free clothing item that matches the theme.

Label's Themes

Label can ask for an outfit that fits one of the following themes. See the Label Themes List for links to clothing items that match these themes.

How to Get an Evaluation from Label

When you are wearing the outfit that you want, talk to Label. She will ask if you are ready for her evaluation. If you aren't, you can say no and change your outfit. She doesn't accept wand outfits, so be sure to use a wand to remove your wand outfit if you are wearing one.


No matter what you are wearing for your evaluation, Label will send you one or more Tailor's Tickets in the mail the following day.

If you are wearing multiple items that match Label's requested theme, the rewards are as follows:

  • Wearing 3 or more matching items: 1 Labelle clothing item, 2 Tailor's Tickets in the mail
  • Wearing 2 matching items: 1 Labelle clothing item, 1 Tailor's Ticket in the mail
  • Wearing 1 or 0 matching items: 1 Tailor's Ticket in the mail

How to Use Tailor's Tickets

You can use each Tailor's Ticket in the Able Sisters shop to get a clothing item (worth 3000 bells or fewer) for free from Able Sisters. While shopping at Able Sisters, if you have one or more Tailor's Tickets in your pockets, the tickets will be automatically applied to the clothing you select. If you don't want to use a Tailor's Ticket on a particular clothing item, be sure to press Y to remove the ticket if you want to save it for something else.

Friendship with Label and Sable

After Label evaluates you, your friendship with her will increase. You get the biggest increase for wearing 3 or more matching items, and you get the smallest increase if none of your items match. This friendship only affects her dialogue with you, as well as Sable's dialogue about Label.