Building Snowfolk and Perfect Snowboys

How to build snowfolk and perfect snowboys during the snowy season on your island.

When to Build Snowfolk

Between the following dates, your island will be snowy, and you can find snowballs that you can roll around and build snowfolk with.

HemisphereSnowball Dates
Northern HemisphereDecember 11 - February 24
Southern HemisphereJune 11 - August 24

Gifts from Snowfolk

The first time you build a snowperson, you will get a seasonal recipe and a large snowflake. Also, you will get a recipe from each Perfect Snowboy (see below) that you create, and you can get one large snowflake per day from each Perfect Snowboy on your island. Large snowflakes are used in certain DIY recipes. After you get all the Snowboy recipes, you will get a piece of Snowboy furniture in the mail each day that you make a Perfect Snowboy.

How to Build Snowfolk

Between the dates listed above, look for snowballs on your island, and roll them around on snow to make them larger. You can roll them around on dirt, sand, or rocks to make them smaller. If you roll them into the water, or if they break by hitting a wall or object, you can go into and out of a building to make new snowballs appear.

When you are ready, push one snowball onto the other to build a snowperson. However, the size of the two snowballs will determine the quality of the resulting snowperson. See below for more information.

How to Build a Perfect Snowboy

Perfect Snowboys give DIY recipes and large snowflakes each time you build one. If you want your snowperson to be a Perfect Snowboy, the snowball on top needs to be slightly smaller than the snowball on the bottom. Try to make the bottom snowball the maximum size (about the height of the top of your character's eyes), then make the top snowball a bit smaller (about the bottom of your characters eyes) before rolling it onto the bottom one. If the top snowball is around 90% of the size of the bottom one, the snowperson will be a Perfect Snowboy.

Recipes from Snowboys

Below is the list of recipes you can get from Perfect Snowboys.