Harv's Island Market

Harv's island has a marketplace behind his house where you can unlock co-op shops that are run by the special visitors to your island.

Unlocking Co-Op Shops

Update Your Game

Before you can unlock co-op shops in Harv's island market, you need to update your game to 2.0.

Talk to the Lloids in the marketplace area on Harv's island to donate bells. Each co-op costs 100000 bells to open. When you have donated the full amount for a co-op, you can't donate again until tomorrow. Once a co-op is fully funded, it will open the next day.

List of Co-Op Shops

Reese and Cyrus's Customization Shop

Cyrus can customize furniture that can't be customized at a DIY workbench. It costs Bells to customize each item. This provides a way to obtain the color variants of furniture without having to wait for them to appear in the shop or from balloon presents, etc.

Leif's Plant Shop

Leif's has a selection of plants that changes once a week. You can also pay him for his weeding service, where he will remove weeds from your island.