Saharah sells wallpapers, carpets, and rugs. Some of them are not available anywhere else.

Buy Rugs, Mysterious Wallpapers, and Mysterious Carpets

Saharah sells small rugs for 1000 bells, medium rugs for 1500 bells, and large rugs for 2000 bells. Mysterious wallpapers and mysterious carpets are 3000 bells each.

Mysterious Wallpapers and Carpets

The Mysterious Wallpapers and Mysterious Carpets that Saharah sells aren't available anywhere else, so when Saharah is visiting your island, it's your only chance to get these rare items.

Exchange Tickets

Whenever you buy rugs from Saharah, you get exchange tickets. You get one ticket when you buy a small rug, two tickets when you buy a medium rug, and three tickets when you buy a large rug.

If you have five exchange tickets, you can exchange them for a Mysterious Wallpaper or a Mysterious Carpet.

Saharah's Co-Op Shop

As of version 2.0, you can unlock Saharah's co-op shop in Harv's Island Market. Just donate 100000 bells to the Lloid on the left side of the market area on Harv's island.

List of Prices/Tickets

Rug SizeCostExchange Tickets
Small Rug1000 Bells1 Exchange Ticket
Medium Rug1500 Bells2 Exchange Tickets
Large Rug2000 Bells3 Exchange Tickets