How to use the NookPhone smartphone that Tom Nook gives you on your first day on your island.

Using NookPhone

To use NookPhone, press ZL. Then you can choose any of the apps on the screen to use it.

Camera App

The camera allows you to take pictures of your game. The pictures that you save will be sent to your Nintendo Switch photo album. Other players who use your Switch will be able to see them.

Press ZL to go through all the available color filters. Press L to go through all the available frames. Use the directional pad buttons to change the position of the camera. Use the X and Y buttons to zoom in or out. Press R to switch between having the characters on screen face the camera or not.

Nook Miles App

The Nook Miles app lets you claim Nook Miles and see ways to earn more miles. When you first start the game, you earn some miles, so be sure to claim those here. You also get keywords that you can use to give yourself a title.

Other ways to earn miles include selling fruits and shells, talking to residents, taking photos, placing furniture in your home, and so on.

Custom Designs App

With this app, you can create custom designs that you can wear on clothing or put on display. You can select a design and press Y to swap its place with another design, or copy it to another spot. When you choose a design, you can choose to wear it, display it outside, display it on the ground, or change the design.

If you choose to Wear a design, you can choose to wear it as a shirt, or as face paint. The face paint will go onto your forehead and cheeks.

When changing a design, you can select the current color by pressing L or R, you can press L+R to select the color that the tool is currently on, you can change the tool size by pressing Y, you can change tools by pressing X and then selecting the tool. You can press ZR to switch to mirrored mode, which makes the left and right side the same while you draw.

In the Tools section, you can change the color palette that you are using, there is a pen tool, line, rectangle, circle, fill, round stamp, star stamp, heart stamp. There is a fill all tool, and a drag design tool.

The Swap Preview tool lets you preview the design on an easel, or as a shirt, or as face paint.

When you are done designing, press + and you will be asked to name the design.

Map App

The map lets you see the locations of your residents, Resident Services, and the airport. You can press X to change your setting for displaying the minimap while you are walking around.

Passport App

You can use this app to change your passport photo, title, and comment. When taking a new passport photo, you can take the photo of yourself on your island.

Rescue Service

Use this app if you become stuck. You'll be returned to a safe place such as your home or Resident Services. It costs miles to use the rescue service.


Unlock this app by going into the Resident Services tent and asking Tom Nook to give you a lesson in DIY. With this app, you can see the DIY recipes that you have learned, and can mark recipes as favorite, which is helpful for recipes that you use frequently. This app is helpful for checking if you have the necessary materials to craft something.

Critterpedia App

Unlock this app by catching a bug or fish and giving it to Tom Nook. This app records the information about all the bugs and fish that you have caught, and will tell you when/where you can catch them again.