Daily Items and Gifts in Happy Home Paradise

This page lists the various gifts and items you can receive each day in Happy Home Paradise.

Message Bottles

Each day, there will be a message bottle on the beach of the Happy Home Paradise island. These contain DIY recipes that use glowing moss, vines, and more.

Glowing Moss and Vines

In the northwest part of the Happy Home Paradise island, you will find glowing moss on the ground and vines on the cliffs. You can take them by pressing Y near them. They can be used in DIYs (see above) and you can also put the vines on cliffs on your home island and use them to climb up and down.

DIY from Niko

After a certain number of clients, Niko will begin requesting materials, which you can contribute in the materials box on the second floor of the Paradise Planning building. After you contribute all the requested materials, Niko will give you a DIY recipe the following day. For more details, see DIY from Niko.

Furniture from the Paradise Planning Office

There is a daily selection of furniture in the Paradise Planning lobby that you can purchase with Poki. They will be delivered to your home the following day.


After you have built the school (see Facilities and Expansions for more information) you can talk to the schoolteacher to get a shrub start each day.


After you build the Café, you can talk to one of the waiters to see the menu, where you can purchase meals and beverages to take with you.


After you build the Restaurant, you can go into the kitchen in the back and talk to the head chef to get a random DIY recipe each day.

Hospital Items

After you build the hospital, you can talk to the receptionist to ask to see the doctor. Depending on what you tell the receptionist and doctor, you may get a clothing item, such as nose tissues and knee bandages.


After you build the apparel shop, the mannequins will display random clothing items each day. Check on them and you can purchase them with Poki.