Money Trees

How to plant money trees and get the most money out of them.

Find a Glowing Spot

Every day, there will be a glowing spot on the ground somewhere in your town.

Dig it Up and Bury Money

Use a shovel to dig up the glowing spot. You will get 1000 bells, and the hole in the ground will glow. Don't fill the glowing spot with dirt, or plant anything other than money in it.

You can bury any amount of money, but it's recommended to bury 10,000 bells if you have that much. The glowing spot will stay there all day, so you can take some time to earn more money first if you wish.

If you bury 10,000 bells, the tree is guaranteed to grow three bags of 10,000 bells. If you bury more than 10,000 bells, there is only a 30% chance that the resulting bell bags will be more than 10,000 bells each. If you bury less than 10,000, you will get three bags of the amount that you buried.

How to Turn Your Money into Bell Bags for Burying

To get a bag of bells from your money, open your inventory and put the cursor on your money, and press A. You can choose the amount to turn into a bell bag.

Money Trees Turn Into Regular Trees

After you remove the bell bags from a money tree, the tree will not grow any more bell bags. It becomes a regular hardwood tree.