Wedding Season

In June, Harvey asks for your help at the photo studio with wedding photos.

Help Harvey

If you play the game in June, you will get a call from Harvey when you start the game. He asks you for your help at his photo studio. Go to the airport and talk to Wilbur to go to Harv's island.

Take Photos

At Harv's island, Harv asks you to take wedding anniversary photos for Reese and Cyrus. Reese will tell you what she wants for the photoshoot. You will need to decorate the room with the colors that Reese requests. There is an Event tab in the list of furniture, where you can find the special wedding furniture.

Decorate the room with the wedding furniture, as well as any other furniture that matches the colors that Reese requested. When you are ready for the photoshoot, talk to Reese. She asks you to take the photos. Just use the Camera App in your NookPhone. You can press - to hide yourself in the pictures.

Show Reese

When you are done, talk to Reese. She will only look at the last photo you took, so make sure that the last photo is the one you like best.

Reese will give you a piece of wedding furniture, and some heart crystals. You can trade the heart crystals with Cyrus to get wedding furniture for yourself.

Take Photos All Month

You can take more wedding photos for Reese and Cyrus every day in June to get more wedding furniture and heart crystals. More furniture will be unlocked by taking wedding photos each day.