Facilities and Expansions in Happy Home Paradise

A list of the facilities and expansions that you can build in Happy Home Paradise.


When you first start playing Happy Home Paradise, there are unused buildings on the island. As you design homes for clients, you will unlock the ability to design these facilities and open them to customers and employees. The available facilities are a School, a Café, a Restaurant, a Hospital, and an Apparel Shop. In addition, you can donate to the Hospital to add a Patient Ward, and you can expand the Café to add a gallery on the second floor.

Remodeling and Naming/Renaming Facilities

To change the design of a facility, or to name or rename it, talk to Lottie about facilities.

List of Facilities and Unlock Requirements

Facility/Expansion NameClients Required
Hospital Patient Ward (second floor)Donate 120,000 Poki to the reception nurse
Apparel Shop30
Café Gallery (second floor)Become a Superstar Designer (19 clients, rank 84)