Your Rank and Title in Happy Home Paradise

This page discusses the requirements and rewards for each title in Happy Home Paradise, as well as how to increase your rank.

How to Increase Your Rank

Your rank in Happy Home Paradise is a hidden value that increases when you fulfill various requirements or perform various tasks. See below for a list of tasks that will increase your rank in Happy Home Paradise.

  • Your rank increases every five days you visit the Happy Home Paradise island. Your rank stops increasing from this after 175 days.
  • Your rank increases after you have a certain number of clients (10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400).
  • Your rank increases for every five pairs of roommate clients. Your rank stops increasing from this after 50 pairs.
  • Your rank increases after you have filled a certain number of plots on the map (16, 32, 48).
  • Your rank increases for each facility you design.
  • You get a one-time rank increase for using a partition wall in a home design.
  • Your rank increases if you have spent at least 20 active minutes designing a home (doing things like placing furniture, rotating it, changing wallpaper and floor, etc.) and you talk to the client and they give you a wallpaper or floor. Your rank will stop increasing from this after you receive 45 gifts from clients.

List of Happy Home Paradise Titles and Requirements

The table below lists the titles, salaries, and requirements for unlocking each title. At Superstar Designer and above, there is a chance that clients will approach you and ask you to design their vacation home.

TitleSalaryHow to Unlock
(no title)6000Available at the start
Promising Designer90006 clients
Breakout Designer1200011 clients
Famous Designer1500019 clients
Superstar Designer2000019 clients, rank 84
Legendary Designer3000019 clients, rank 119
GOAT Designer4000019 clients, rank 146