Halloween takes place on October 31st. Get Spooky DIYs, give candy, and get Jack's outfit.

Grow Pumpkins


Prior to October, you might want to start growing pumpkins, although you can get more pumpkins on Halloween night as well. Pumpkins can be used to craft and customize the Spooky DIYs that you can get in October.

Where to Get Pumpkins

To get pumpkins, you need to plant pumpkin starts. There is no way to know which color of pumpkin you will get from a pumpkin start until you plant it.

Leif sells pumpkin starts throughout the year, and Nook's Cranny will sell pumpkin starts during October. Just plant them and they will grow into pumpkins after a few days. They do not need to be watered, but if you do water them, you will get more than one pumpkin when they finish growing.

During October

Jack's Portrait

During October, you will get Jack's portrait, a glowing picture of Jack that you can hang on the wall.

Spooky DIYs

Before Halloween itself, you can learn Spooky DIYs from villagers who are crafting, or obtain them by popping balloons.

Halloween Costumes

Able Sisters and Kicks will sell Halloween costume pieces during October. These include:

  • Animal nose
  • Flashy animal boots
  • Flashy animal costumes
  • Flashy animal hats
  • Horizontal-striped tights
  • Impish horns
  • Impish wings (only from Kicks)
  • Mage's dresses
  • Mage's striped hats
  • Magic academy hoods
  • Magic academy robes
  • Raggedy outfits

Other things may count as Halloween costumes as well (see the costumes and candy section below for more information), such as Goth clothing (per Label's themes), so you might want to check through your catalog to see if you have anything else that could work as a costume.


In October, you can purchase one candy per day from Nook's Cranny. In addition, you can get candy from villagers if they are crafting a Spooky DIY that you already have learned.

On Halloween Night

How to Participate

Halloween events start at 5PM on October 31st, and end at midnight. You will find Jack around the plaza in front of the Residential Services building. Talk to him and agree to help, and he will tell you what you need to do.

Costumes and Candy

You can wear a costume to get candy from villagers in their houses. They will give you more candy if you come back later while wearing a costume. They will only do this if your outfit is considered a "scary costume". See the halloween costumes above for a list of outfits that might work. You might need to wear a hat and/or mask for your outfit to be considered scary, and wand outfits might not count, so try different things until you find something that works.

You can also get one candy per villager by talking to them while wearing Jack's outfit (see Gifts from Jack below).

Giving Candy

Some villagers will be walking around outside. When they first see you, they will run up to you. Talk to them and give them candy for a chance to get Spooky DIYs, including the Spooky Garland and Spooky Table Setting, which can only be obtained on Halloween. They can also give you the Spooky Wall, Spooky Floor, and Spooky Rug, which also can only be obtained on Halloween. (The wall, floor, and rug don't have DIYs.) If you don't give them candy, they may play a trick on you. Villagers may also give you pumpkins when you give them candy.


Give candy to villagers throughout Halloween Night for a chance to get a lollipop. Give lollipops to Jack for special gifts, or give them to villagers to get a Spooky Candy Set furniture item.

Gifts from Jack

On Halloween night, give candy to Jack to get his outfit (Jack's Face and Jack's Robe), and give him lollipops to get the Spooky Carriage DIY and the Spooky Wand DIY. (He may give you the Spooky Carriage furniture item as well, so be sure to keep giving him lollipops until you get the Spooky Carriage DIY and not just the furniture item.) If you give him more candy, he gives you pumpkins.

Scare Reaction

You will learn the "Scare" reaction the first time you give candy to a villager on Halloween night.

Haunt Reaction

You will learn the "Haunt" reaction the first time you give candy to Jack on Halloween night.


If you talk to a villager and don't give them candy, they may randomly change your body paint, face paint, and eye color.