Neighbor Visits

Your villagers can visit your house or invite you to visit their house. During visits, you can play a game with them to win a prize, purchase items from their home, and more.

Starting a Visit

If you see one of your residents thinking, talk to them and they might invite you to their home, or ask to visit your home. A resident may also come to visit you while you are in your home.

Visits In Your Home

You can't redecorate while a villager is visiting your home. If you talk to your visitor, they may give you fruit or clothing, and may ask you to play High Card, Low Card with them to win items.

You can go to each room of your house and they will follow you. You can interact with items in your house, and your guest may comment on them.

Ending the Visit

After a while, your visitor will ask if they should wrap up their visit and go home. Or, you can end the visit by leaving your home. You can choose to ask them to stay longer, or say you are ready to end the visit.

Visits In a Neighbor's Home

If you visit one of your villagers, you can talk to them to play High Card, Low Card to win prizes. You can check on their furniture to get the option to purchase a furniture item from their house. If they have a closet, you can check on it to see which clothing they have.

Ending the Visit

You can leave your neighbor's home to end the visit, and before you leave, they may give you a copy of the song that is playing in their house.