Animal Crossing: New Horizons ACNH Guide


During different seasons throughout the year, you can get special crafting ingredients and recipes.

List of Seasons

See below for the months and dates of seasons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with the special crafting ingredients and DIY recipes available only during those seasons.

SeasonWhen?Seasonal Crafting IngredientsSeasonal Recipes from Balloon Presents
SpringNorthern Hemisphere: March, April, May
Southern Hemisphere: September, October, November
  • Cherry blossom petals (starts in April. catch with bug net)
  • Young Spring Bamboo (use flimsy axe on bamboo)
DIY Recipes from Popping Balloons, or Beach Bottles
  • Bamboo doll
  • Bamboo noodle slide
  • Bamboo wand
  • Bamboo-grove wall
  • Bamboo-shoot lamp
  • Basket pack
  • Blossom-viewing lantern
  • Cherry-blossom bonsai
  • Cherry-blossom branches
  • Cherry-blossom clock
  • Cherry-blossom flooring
  • Cherry-blossom petal pile
  • Cherry-blossom pochette
  • Cherry-blossom pond stone
  • Cherry-blossom-trees wall
  • Cherry-blossom umbrella
  • Cherry-blossom wand
  • Green-leaf pile
  • Light bamboo rug
  • Outdoor picnic set
  • Pan flute
  • Sakura-wood flooring
  • Sakura-wood wall
  • Steamer-basket set
Summer Northern Hemisphere: June, July, August
Southern Hemisphere: December, January, February
Summer shells (pick them up on the beach) DIY recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Shell wand
  • Shell wreath
  • Shellfish pochette
  • Starry-sands flooring
  • Tropical vista
  • Underwater flooring
  • Underwater wall
  • Water flooring
Maple leaf season Northern Hemisphere: November 16-26
Southern Hemisphere: May 16-26
Maple leaves (catch with bug net) From popping balloons:
  • Autumn wall
  • Colored-leaves flooring
  • Leaf stool
  • Maple-leaf pochette
  • Maple-leaf pond stone
  • Maple-leaf umbrella
  • Red-leaf pile
  • Tree's bounty arch
  • Tree's bounty big tree
Fall Northern Hemisphere: September, October, November
Southern Hemisphere: March, April, May
  • Pine cones (shake pine trees)
  • Acorns (shake regular trees)
  • Rare mushrooms (dig them up with a shovel near trees)
  • Other mushrooms (pick them up from the ground next to trees)
DIY Recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Acorn pochette
  • Forest flooring
  • Forest wall
  • Leaf campfire
  • Mush lamp
  • Mush log
  • Mush low stool
  • Mush parasol
  • Mush partition
  • Mush table
  • Mush umbrella
  • Mush wall
  • Mushroom wand
  • Mushroom wreath
  • Pile of leaves
  • Pine bonsai tree
  • Traditional balancing toy
  • Tree's bounty lamp
  • Tree's bounty little tree
  • Tree's bounty mobile
  • Yellow-leaf pile
Winter Northern Hemisphere: December 15-31, January, February
Southern Hemisphere: June 15-30, July, August
  • Snowflakes (catch with bug net)
  • Large Snowflakes (once per day from Perfect Snowboys)
DIY recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Iceberg flooring
  • Iceberg wall
  • Ski-slope flooring
  • Ski-slope wall
  • Snowflake pochette
  • Snowflake wall
  • Snowflake wreath
DIY recipes from Perfect Snowboys
  • Frozen arch
  • Frozen bed
  • Frozen chair
  • Frozen counter
  • Frozen partition
  • Frozen pillar
  • Frozen sculpture
  • Frozen table
  • Frozen-treat set
  • Frozen tree
  • Ice flooring
  • Ice wall
  • Ice wand
  • Snowperson head
  • Three-tiered snowperson
Festive SeasonDecember 15 - January 6 (both hemispheres)
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow Ornaments (shake decorated pine trees)
DIY recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Big festive tree
  • Festive top set
  • Festive tree
  • Holiday candle
  • Illuminated present
  • Illuminated reindeer
  • Illuminated snowflakes
  • Illuminated tree
  • Jingle wall
  • Ornament mobile
  • Ornament wreath
  • Tabletop festive tree