During different seasons throughout the year, you can get special crafting ingredients and recipes.

List of Seasons

See below for the months and dates of seasons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with the special crafting ingredients and DIY recipes available only during those seasons.

SeasonWhen?Seasonal Crafting IngredientsSeasonal Recipes from Balloon Presents
SpringNorthern Hemisphere: March, April, May
Southern Hemisphere: September, October, November
  • Cherry blossom petals (starts in April. catch with bug net)
  • Young Spring Bamboo (use flimsy axe on bamboo)
DIY Recipes from Popping Balloons, or Beach Bottles
  • Bamboo doll
  • Bamboo noodle slide
  • Bamboo wand
  • Bamboo-grove wall
  • Bamboo-shoot lamp
  • Basket pack
  • Blossom-viewing lantern
  • Cherry-blossom bonsai
  • Cherry-blossom branches
  • Cherry-blossom clock
  • Cherry-blossom flooring
  • Cherry-blossom petal pile
  • Cherry-blossom pochette
  • Cherry-blossom pond stone
  • Cherry-blossom-trees wall
  • Cherry-blossom umbrella
  • Cherry-blossom wand
  • Green-leaf pile
  • Light bamboo rug
  • Outdoor picnic set
  • Pan flute
  • Sakura-wood flooring
  • Sakura-wood wall
  • Steamer-basket set
Summer Northern Hemisphere: June, July, August
Southern Hemisphere: December, January, February
Summer shells (pick them up on the beach) DIY recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Shell wand
  • Shell wreath
  • Shellfish pochette
  • Starry-sands flooring
  • Tropical vista
  • Underwater flooring
  • Underwater wall
  • Water flooring
Maple leaf season Northern Hemisphere: November 16-26
Southern Hemisphere: May 16-26
Maple leaves (catch with bug net) From popping balloons:
  • Autumn wall
  • Colored-leaves flooring
  • Leaf stool
  • Maple-leaf pochette
  • Maple-leaf pond stone
  • Maple-leaf umbrella
  • Red-leaf pile
  • Tree's bounty arch
  • Tree's bounty big tree
Fall Northern Hemisphere: September, October, November
Southern Hemisphere: March, April, May
  • Pine cones (shake pine trees)
  • Acorns (shake regular trees)
  • Rare mushrooms (dig them up with a shovel near trees)
  • Other mushrooms (pick them up from the ground next to trees)
DIY Recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Acorn pochette
  • Forest flooring
  • Forest wall
  • Leaf campfire
  • Mush lamp
  • Mush log
  • Mush low stool
  • Mush parasol
  • Mush partition
  • Mush table
  • Mush umbrella
  • Mush wall
  • Mushroom wand
  • Mushroom wreath
  • Pile of leaves
  • Pine bonsai tree
  • Traditional balancing toy
  • Tree's bounty lamp
  • Tree's bounty little tree
  • Tree's bounty mobile
  • Yellow-leaf pile
Winter Northern Hemisphere: December 15-31, January, February
Southern Hemisphere: June 15-30, July, August
  • Snowflakes (catch with bug net)
  • Large Snowflakes (once per day from Perfect Snowboys)
DIY recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Iceberg flooring
  • Iceberg wall
  • Ski-slope flooring
  • Ski-slope wall
  • Snowflake pochette
  • Snowflake wall
  • Snowflake wreath
DIY recipes from Perfect Snowboys
  • Frozen arch
  • Frozen bed
  • Frozen chair
  • Frozen counter
  • Frozen partition
  • Frozen pillar
  • Frozen sculpture
  • Frozen table
  • Frozen-treat set
  • Frozen tree
  • Ice flooring
  • Ice wall
  • Ice wand
  • Snowperson head
  • Three-tiered snowperson
Festive SeasonDecember 15 - January 6 (both hemispheres)
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow Ornaments (shake decorated pine trees)
DIY recipes from popping balloons, or beach bottles:
  • Big festive tree
  • Festive top set
  • Festive tree
  • Holiday candle
  • Illuminated present
  • Illuminated reindeer
  • Illuminated snowflakes
  • Illuminated tree
  • Jingle wall
  • Ornament mobile
  • Ornament wreath
  • Tabletop festive tree