Kapp'n's Boat Tours

You will find Kapp'n at the pier on your island. Talk to him and pay 1000 Nook Miles to go on a boat tour, where you can find gyroids, shrubs, and more.

How to Unlock Kapp'n

Kapp'n is part of the free 2.0 update. His boat tours become available after your first K.K. Slider concert, and after you have used the free Nook Miles Ticket that Tom Nook gives you.

Where to Find Kapp'n

Kapp'n can be found at the pier on the beach of your island.

How to Go on a Boat Tour

Talk to Kapp'n to go on a boat tour. You can go on a boat tour once a day. It costs 1000 Nook Miles to go on the tour.

Reactions During Sea Shanties

Kapp'n will sing a sea shanty on the way to the island, and again on your way back to your home island. During Kapp'n's sea shanties, you can press A to clap, X to laugh, and Y to express shock.

Skip the Sea Shanty

You can skip the sea shanties by pressing B repeatedly.

Buying Tools on the Island

While on a boat tour island, you can talk to Kapp'n to spend Nook Miles buy tools.

Different Time of Year

The island that you land on may be in a different time of year from your home island. For a list of bugs, fish, and sea creatures available at a Kapp'n island, check Today's Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures.

Seasonal Recipes and Craft Items

On Kapp'n islands that are in a specific season, you can find the crafting items from that season, such as young spring bamboo, cherry blossoms, snowflakes, etc. In addition, the bottled message on the beach will have a seasonal recipe from that season.

Find Gyroid Fragments

There is a chance of finding a buried gyroid fragment on boat tour islands.

Find a Money Rock

There is a chance that one of the rocks on the boat tour island will be a money rock.

Find Money Trees

There is a small chance that the trees on a Kapp'n island will have money trees instead of fruit trees.

Find Star Fragment Rocks

There is a rare chance of finding an island where you will get star fragments from hitting the rocks. This island will also have some star fragments on the beach, and will have a lot of shooting stars that you can wish on; the shooting stars will occur for four hours after you arrive on the island.

Dig Up Produce Starts

The island that you go to may have fully grown produce on it that you can harvest and use in cooking. You can then use a shovel to dig up the produce starts and take them back to your island to grow.

Dig Up Shrubs and Flowers

You can also find shrubs and flowers on Kapp'n islands, which you can dig up and take back to your island.

Finding Brewster

If you haven't unlocked The Roost Café yet, you can find Brewster on a boat tour island. Read The Roost Café page for more information.