You can now learn food recipes and cook food using kitchen furniture. This page explains how to unlock cooking and learn new recipes.

How to Unlock Cooking

Use the Nook Stop machine in Resident Services to get "Be a Chef! DIY Recipes+". It costs 2000 Nook Miles. It will update your DIY app to include cooking recipes.

How to Learn Recipes

Purchase Recipes

You can purchase "Basic Cooking Recipes" from the cabinet in Nook's Cranny for 4980 bells to learn a basic set of cooking recipes.

From Villagers

Visit your villagers' houses when they are home and you might find them cooking. Talk to them to learn a new recipe.

From Bottled Messages

Bottled messages may contain cooking recipes.

By Fishing

When you catch certain fish, you may learn a new recipe.

From the Happy Home Paradise Restaurant

If you have Happy Home Paradise, after you build the restaurant, you can go there and talk to the chefs in the kitchen to receive a random recipe card.

Getting Ingredients

List of Ingredients

Please see the List of Ingredients page for the full list of ingredients and where to find them.

From Leif

Produce is available from Leif. Be sure to unlock his shop in Harv's Island Market to be able to purchase produce starts that you can plant to grow ingredients.

From Boat Tour Islands

If you go on one of Kapp'n's Boat Tours, the island that you land on may have fully grown produce that you can harvest, and you can then dig up the produce starts to take back to your island to grow.

List of Recipes

See the List of Recipes page for a full list of available recipes and how to learn them.

How to Cook

To cook meals, you need to use kitchen furniture. The following furniture may be usable for cooking:

  • brick oven
  • clay furnace
  • compact kitchen
  • gas range
  • ironwood kitchenette
  • kitchen counter
  • kitchen dishwasher
  • kitchen island
  • kitchen stove
  • open-frame kitchen
  • outdoor kitchen
  • ranch kitchen
  • serving cart
  • sloppy sink
  • stonework kitchen
  • system kitchen