You can now talk to Isabelle to enact ordinances for your island. These can change shop hours, reduce weeds and trash, or change the prices of items in shops.

How to Enact Ordinances

Go to Resident Services and talk to Isabelle, then choose the "Review Island Features" option to change ordinances. It costs 20000 bells to enact an ordinance. After setting an ordinance, it goes into effect the following day.

Available Ordinances

The available ordinances are:

  • Beautiful Island - fewer weeds, flowers automatically watered, no trash caught when fishing, except on Nook Miles islands and Kapp'n Islands
  • Early Bird - residents get up earlier, shops open earlier
  • Night Owl - residents stay up later, shops are open later
  • Bell Boom - items prices are about 20%, making them more expensive but also more profitable