Colgera Boss Strategy

After you activate the five windmills of the Stormwind Ark, you must battle Colgera.

After you activate the five windmills of the Stormwind Ark, you must battle Colgera.

Defeat Colgera

At the start of the battle, you will be skydiving with Tulin nearby. There is a constant upward wind, so you can use the paraglider any time. Each time you use the paraglider and put it away, your stamina will be restored.

After a few moments, Colgera will start shooting needles from its carapace upward at you. This reveals its weak spot: an ice-like core in its body. Hold the indicated button to dive down into this ice. You will shatter the ice, damaging Colgera.

Then, Colgera will disappear through a portal, and reappear beneath you. Glide to the side to avoid Colgera. As Colgera flies upward past you, you can shoot arrows at the other ice-like cores in its body.

After you destroy the three cores in its body, it will reappear, having restored its cores. This time, there are tornadoes that you will need to dodge. If a tornado hits you, you will lose your grip on the paraglider and will need to open it again. You will also take damage.

After you dive through a core, this time Colgera might not appear beneath you. Look for the portal that it creates. It might be next to you. Colgera will now create many tornadoes to dodge. If there is a large wall of tornadoes, look for an opening in the wall to safely go past.

Repeat the above strategies until Colgera is defeated.

After the Battle

There is a Heart Container for you to take after the battle. Talk to Tulin and there will be a cutscene.

Afterward, you will be back in Rito Village. This completes the quest.

If you have done the quest Impa and the Geoglyphs and started The Dragon's Tears, you will find Impa and Cado if you go back toward the spiral staircase of Rito Village. They can tell you more about Geoglyphs that you haven't found yet. Read The Dragon's Tears for more information.

You can also return to Lookout Landing, where you might find some clues about where to go next for the Regional Phenomena quests. See the following links for more information:

While in Lookout Landing, if you have completed Camera Work in the Depths but you haven't started A Mystery in the Depths, you can talk to Josha, and she gives you some Giant Brightbloom Seeds and arrows. This starts the quest A Mystery in the Depths.

Also in Lookout Landing, if you have completed at least two Temples, you can talk to Karson to start the side quest The Incomplete Stable. There is a plank next to Karson that fits perfectly, so use Ultrahand to put it in the gap in the stable roof to complete the quest. After that, you can talk to Lester to use the stable services.

After Regional Phenomena

If you have completed all four Regional Phenomena quests, go to Lookout Landing and climb the ladders to get onto the roof of Purah's lab. Talk to her there, and there will be a cutscene. This completes the Regional Phenomena quest. Your goal now is to enter Hyrule Castle.