Hebra Regional Phenomena

One of the four locations that Purah asked you to investigate is to the northwest, in the Hebra region, where the Rito dwell.

Go West

Leave Lookout Landing by the west exit, then go north to the main roadway. Go west along this road. You will soon pass by Passeri Greenbelt Cave to the north.

Farther along the western road, you find Addison holding up another sign. As before, you can place construction materials beneath the sign to prevent it from falling when Addison lets go. There is already a flat plank with a vertical plank attached to it, and if you put two wagon wheels flat on top of it, this should be enough to hold up the sign. Talk to Addison and tell him to let go, and if you successfully prevented the sign from falling, Addison will secure the sign and give you 20 rupees, some food, and a random item.

Continue going west, and beware of the Evermean trees that attack.

North of the path, you can see the Ishodag Shrine. Open the door of the shrine to add it as a teleport destination.

If you go farther west along the road, you discover that a Hinox is on the bridge. You can go past it if you're careful.

Just past the bridge, you can find Gladis looking into a cave. Talk to him to learn about a couple at the Woodland Stable in Eldin to the northeast who will exchange Bubbul Gems for treasure.

The cave that Gladis is looking into is the North Hyrule Plain Cave.

Visit the Stable

Farther along the road, you find New Serenne Stable, where you can register your horse if you have caught and tamed one. If it's your first horse, you can register it for free. Your first horse also earns you two Pony Points. Each time you use a service at a stable, you earn one or more Pony Points. You can check on the book inside of the stable to exchange Pony Points for rewards.

If you have played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch user account that you are currently playing Tears of the Kingdom with, and if you have registered horses in Breath of the Wild with that user, your registered horses will all be available to you in Tears of the Kingdom at every stable. However, the special horses from Breath of the Wild, such as Epona, and the large black horse, and so on, can't be customized in Tears of the Kingdom.

You can talk to Zumi to start the side-quest Horse-Drawn Dreams.

Also near New Serenne Stable, you will find Cado next to a donkey. Talk to Cado to start the quest Impa and the Geoglyphs.

Just west of the stable, you find Sinakawak Shrine. Open the door of the shrine so you can teleport back here later.

Visit the Skyview Tower

Get back on the road and go west along it from the stable. You will be able to see a Skyview Tower with spotlights shining in the distance. Go toward it and you will find Hestu. Talk to Hestu to begin the side adventure Hestu's Concerns.

From there, go up the slope and past the archway. You will find a hole that leads down into Lindor's Brow Cave.

You can use Ascend near the entrance of Lindor's Brow Cave, then go west to Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower.

Continue On

Then go southeast, or teleport to New Serenne Stable, and go south on the road that is west of the stable. When the road splits, go right (the southwest path).

You will find Addison holding up a sign. This time, the sign's base is very narrow and can't stand up on its own. Luckily, a narrow board will fit through the gap above the sign, and the sign is the same height as the square boards. Place a couple of narrow boards on the ground, and place a square board vertically on each. Place them side-by-side next to the sign, then move a narrow board through the gap above the sign. Attach this narrow board to the two vertical square boards. Then tell Addison to let go. He will reward you with rupees, food, and an item.

Visit Another Stable

Continue going west on the road, and you will see a Shrine on a cliff overlooking a stable. This is the Makurukis Shrine. The stable below is the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Be sure to talk to Dabi at the counter to get a Pony Point for your first visit.

Outside of the stable, you will find a stable worker, Banji, talking to a Rito woman, Bedoli. Talk to them to learn about the blizzard in the Hebra region.

Before you leave the stable, you might want to use the cookpot to cook more cold resistance food using Spicy Peppers.

Go Farther

Go west from the stable and cross the bridge. You will find Addison near the west side of the bridge. To support his sign, place a piece of lumber vertically on the edge of a board, then move the vertical piece of lumber under the notch in the sign, then tell Addison to let go. As usual, he will give you rupees, food, and and item.

Nearby, you can talk to Ornest the Rito, who can tell you about training with Tabult the Goron. You can pay 20 rupees to try it out. Use Ultrahand to catch the balls before they fall, then press the indicated button to move them forward onto the moving platform.

Continue along the roadway and you eventually see smoke coming up from a pit in the ground, and you also hear the sound of someone playing the horn. Go down into the pit and talk to Eustus to start the side adventure "The Hornist's Dramatic Escape".

Go northeast along the road. You will again find Addison, this time at -3139, 1225, 0218.

Bundle Up

Continue going northeast. It will soon become cold, so be sure to eat Cold Resistance food or switch to Cold Resistance armor. At this point, be sure to look for a large natural stone archway that you can use Ascend to get on top of. You will find Oromuwak Shrine here. You will need a source of fire to burn the thorns around the shrine.

Continue along the road to find the Lucky Clover Gazette. Go inside and talk to Penn and Traysi. This starts the side adventure "Potential Princess Sightings!"

How to Reach Rito Village

If you try to go west from the stable, you learn that the bridge to Rito Village is out. You don't have to build a bridge, but you can do so for an extra challenge. Keep in mind that the bridge will disappear if you save and load the game, or if you go too far away. If you want to see an example of how to build the bridge, read How to Build a Bridge to Rito Village.

Otherwise, the easiest way to reach the village is from Oromuwak Shrine, which you can see if you look southeast from the broken bridge. To reach the shrine, you can use Ascend on the natural stone archway that goes over the road. After you open the door of the shrine, climb up to the higher hill behind the shrine, and jump and glide toward the village from there. You should have enough stamina to reach the island of the village that has the other side of the broken bridge on it, even if you haven't upgraded your stamina wheel (in exchange for four Lights of Blessing at any Goddess Statue).

Open the Village Shrine

After you make it across, go toward the quest destination and go up the spiral staircase. You eventually see a shrine. This is Gatakis Shrine. If you turn around and face away from the door of the shrine, you see a stone in a crevice in the cliff. Pick it up to find a Korok.

Meet Tulin

Go back to the spiral staircase and make your way up to the top of the village until you find the quest destination. Approach the Rito on the landing and there will be a cutscene. This begins the quest Tulin of Rito Village.