Rising Island Chain

With help from Tulin, you traverse the Rising Island Chain in the Hebra Mountains Sky.

With help from Tulin, you traverse the Rising Island Chain in the Hebra Mountains Sky.

How to Reach the Rising Island Chain

You will reach this area as part of the Hebra Regional Phenomena quest. Go northeast from Rospro Pass Skyview Tower to reach Talonto Peak, and go northeast from there to climb up the stones to the sky islands.

Explore the Rising Island Chain

Make your way west in the direction of the shrine that you can see. Eventually, Tulin will notice a ship in the sky and fly toward it. Meet up with Tulin and talk to him. There will be a cutscene.

Go up the nearby stairs and you will reach the top of the boat that you saw. Land on top of it and it will bounce you upward like a trampoline. Glide toward the shrine with help from Tulin. This is Mayaumekis Shrine. Open the door of the shrine so you can teleport back here later.

Then go northeast to the platform with a circle of ice on top. Go northwest and glide to the square platform that you can see in that direction. Then glide to the next platform, where you can see a Soldier Construct. Defeat it, then stand on the broken column on the north side of the platform, and glide north to the next platform.

There is another boat trampoline here, so jump onto it and glide northwest to the next platform. Defeat the Constructs here, then climb up the south face of the square column at the north end. You will find a couple of stone cubes here. Stack them on top of the higher part of the ledge, then place the stacked cubes on the pile of snow on the higher ledge. Then climb on top and use Ascend to reach the platform above.

From the top, glide to the curved platform and you can defeat a Soldier Construct to reach a chest. Then look east from the chest and you will see some icicles in an opening in the square column. Shoot them with arrows (melting them with fire if necessary), then glide into the space and use Ascend to reach the top of the column.

Then glide to the northeast platform. From here, glide to the northeast platform, then the platform northeast of that. Defeat the Soldier Construct and glide north to the platform with a circle of ice in the middle. Jump up and down on the ice to break it, and you will land on a boat trampoline. Glide northwest to the platform. There is a Flux Construct on the lower platform that you can optionally fight to get a treasure chest.

On the upper platform, you can see a boat trampoline, but if you look above it, you can see some boulders. If you have a bomb flower, you can attach one to an arrow and shoot the boulders, then jump on the boat trampoline. Otherwise, you can stack the stone cubes on this platform to be able to reach the upper platform with Ascend.

From there, you can optionally look northeast to where there is a floating platform with icicles blocking a hole in the side. After you shoot the icicles, you can jump down to the boat trampoline and glide into the opening to find a treasure chest.

Go back to the previous platform, then use the boat trampoline in the square opening, or Ascend to the top using the stone cubes, then glide southwest to the next platform. Go up the stairs on this platform, then at the top, jump down onto the circle of ice below. Glide southwest from there and try to land on the next boat trampoline, but beware of the Aerocudas. Go southwest to a third boat trampoline, and go southwest from there to the large stone structure. There is a cookpot and some flint here, as well as fish and mushrooms, if you need to make some food. Just put the flint next to the cookpot (if it isn't already) and hit it with a metal weapon to light the fire.

Then go southwest and glide to the next platform. Use Ascend beneath the stone that sticks out from the wall, then go to the southwest end of the platform. There are Aerocudas ahead, and a Construct that is shooting arrows at them. You can try to shoot the Aerocudas out of the air before you glide to the next platform. Once you are on the platform, defeat the Construct, but when you reach the stone arch, stop. Use Ascend to get on top of the archway, because the bridge ahead of you will crumble and fall if you walk on it, and you might have to glide down to a lower platform and make your way back here. So, from the top of the archway, glide to the other side of the bridge. Defeat the Construct here.

Glide southeast, and if you don't make it to the top of the square column, use Ascend to reach the top. Go up the stairs and defeat the constructs that you find, but beware of the bombs that they have. If you see a flashing bomb, keep your distance. After the Constructs are gone, you can place one of the bombs on the cracked boulders in a square in the floor, then hit the bomb and run away. When it explodes, you can go down through the square hole to find a treasure chest. Then use Ascend to go back up.

Go up the stairs and you find an area with balloons, bombs, boards, and flame emitters. Use Ultrahand to put a board flat on the ground, attach a balloon to the middle of the board, then attach a flame emitter to the board so that it is facing upward underneath the balloon. Stand on the board and hit the flame emitter, and you will float upward. When you are far up enough, glide northeast to the large platform there.

Use Ascend to reach the top of the square column above you, then climb up the northwest wall. Up ahead, you will see some boats circling stone columns. Wait for the nearest boat to start moving toward your direction, then jump down onto the boat trampoline. Glide down to land on the boat trampoline, and if you don't think that you can reach the next boat, you can land on the square column and wait for the nearby boat to be almost between you and the next boat. Then dive down onto the nearest boat and glide to the next boat, or the square column that the boat is circling if you can't reach the next boat. From the farther boat, you can glide forward and then fall through the circle of ice to land on another boat trampoline. This will launch you far up enough to reach the platform to the west.

Note that this area is much colder, as Tulin points out when you go up the stairs. One piece of cold-resistant armor and one cold-resistance food will be enough to keep you safe, but if you don't have any or if you want to purchase the cold-resistant armor from Rito Village, you can first go to the Kahatanaum Shrine up ahead and open its door, then teleport to Rito Village or another location to get more protection from the cold. Tulin will wait for you in the Hebra Mountains Sky area and will meet up with you when you come back.

From Kahatanaum Shrine, go up the stairs and use the boat trampoline. Glide south with a boost from Tulin to reach the stone platform there. Climb up these ruins and wait until you can see a boat circling the wind spout nearby. At this point, you need to go in the opposite direction as the boats, and jump from boat to boat to go as far up as you can. Make frequent use of the trampolines, because your stamina will be restored whenever you land on one. Eventually, you will find a set of stone steps with a boat at the top. Use the boat trampoline to reach one of the circling boats. After you are launched upward, glide into the opening in the top of the cloud. Here, you will discover the Wind Temple.