Destroy Ganondorf

Upon recovering the Master Sword, you embark on your final quest: to destroy the Demon King Ganondorf.

Upon recovering the Master Sword, you embark on your final quest: to destroy the Demon King Ganondorf.

Defeat Demon King Ganondorf

Ganondorf can perform Flurry Rushes in reaction to your attacks. When he does this, his counterattack is very quick, so be prepared.

He can wield a sword, a spear, and a club.

Keep your shield raised whenever possible, so you can try to deflect any of his attacks that you are unable to dodge in time.

Do your best to perform Flurry Rushes in response to his attacks, because that is the best way to deal damage. If you try to attack him directly, you will leave yourself open to attack.

If he is using a sword, his attacks are to swing vertically, or swing horizontally, or do a spin attack that creates a puddle of gloom around him. He can also dash toward you and strike, either horizontally or vertically. When he swings horizontally, he may follow it up with two more horizontal slashes.

If he is using a club, he can charge up an attack where he shoots four beams of gloom at toward you, which leave trails of gloom on the floor. He can jump and slam the club down at you. He can swing it horizontally at you. If he creates an updraft of wind, be sure to jump and draw your bow to shoot him, because he will create a wave of energy that hits the entire room.

If he is using a spear, he can dash forward and stab the spear at you. If you are too close to him, he will do very quick stabs with the spear, and sometimes a series of quick stabs, so keep your distance. He can also dash across the room with the spear multiple times, leaving a trail of gloom across the floor each time, so try to do side jumps to do a Flurry Rush, or just move sideways to stay out of his path.

After you deplete his health, he transforms.

Phase 2

He will create several Phantom Ganons. The sages will gradually join the fight, distracting the Phantoms from you. Before the sages arrive, keep your distance from the Phantoms.

Ganondorf may perform Flurry Rushes in response to your own Flurry Rushes. Do your best to do another Flurry Rush in response to his quick counterattack.

After you have done enough damage, there will be a cutscene. Ganondorf will absorb the phantoms and you will fight him one-on-one.

Phase 3

The sages will be unable to help you at this time.

During this phase, when Ganondorf uses a club, he will send two expanding circles of gloom orbs outward from himself. Walk in between the gaps in the orbs, then be prepared to do a side jump, because he will jump and slam his club down at you after the orbs have passed.

When he uses a spear, he will send three gloom orbs toward you. Move sideways, in the opposite direction from where the orbs are going (e.g. if they are going to the right, move sideways to the left, etc.), then do a side jump when Ganondorf dashes across the room with the spear. He will leave a trail of gloom, so be careful when performing Flurry Rushes.

When he uses a bow, he creates a circle of orbs around you. Go through a gap between the orbs, then continue moving to the side to dodge his arrows.

After you defeat him, there will be a cutscene.

Demon Dragon

Now that you are no longer in the Depths, any hearts that you lost to the gloom (and didn't heal with food cooked with Sundelions) are available again, so heal up as needed.

If you did not obtain the Master Sword, you will receive it now.

The Light Dragon will fly you into the sky. You can press the button to jump off. Your goal is to destroy the eyeballs along the Demon Dragon's back. You will need to dodge the gloom fireballs that the Demon Dragon spits at you as you dive down. The eyes are only vulnerable to the Master Sword, so land near an eye cluster and hit it repeatedly with the Master Sword until it is destroyed.

When you walk on the Demon Dragon, you will steadily lose hearts to gloom, so jump off as soon as possible.

Whenever you are falling, you can land on the Light Dragon's head. To do this, press the dive button and let go of it, then glide down without accelerating or maneuvering or taking out the paraglider. The Light Dragon will catch you and take you back upward to allow you to dive onto the Demon Dragon again.

After you have destroyed all the eyes along the Demon Dragon's back, the secret stone in the middle of the Demon Dragon's forehead will begin to glow. Land on the Demon Dragon's head and hit the secret stone repeatedly with the Master Sword.

Congratulations! You won! If you completed The Dragon's Tears, there will be a post-credits scene. Either way, your save file will have a star next to it, and you will have a new character profile and memory.