The Dragon's Tears

Impa is investigating the Geoglyphs that have been found throughout Hyrule.

Impa is investigating the Geoglyphs that have been found throughout Hyrule.

How to Start the Quest

This quest will start after you finish the quest Impa and the Geoglyphs.

Visit the Forgotten Temple

After you complete the Regional Phenomena quest in the Hebra Region, you will find Impa and Cado in Rito Village. You should take the road that goes east from Rito Village. It will lead you close to the quest destination at the Forgotten Temple. After you go down to the bottom of the canyon, you can use Ascend to reach the temple entrance. There you will find Cado, who says that Impa rushed ahead into the temple.

Look for Impa

Make your way through the temple, battling (or avoiding) the Bokoblins on the way. Eventually, you find the Mayausiy Shrine. Open its door, then talk to Impa who is standing nearby.

Explore Farther

Go farther into the temple until you reach a round room at the end. Go down to the bottom of this room and there will be a cutscene. Before you go, be sure to go back up to the upper part of this room, stand on the round symbol on the walkway, and take a picture of the map, so you can more easily find the of the geoglyphs. Or click the button below to display the map. If you want to know the exact locations, visit List of Geoglyph Locations.

Go to the Last Tear

After you find all of the tears on the map, a last tear will appear. Its location will be marked on the map, so go there. Before you examine the tear, you may want to . Examining the tear will complete the quest. You can then . If you don't do so now, .