A Mystery in the Depths

After you bring back a picture of a statue in the Depths, Josha's team finds a mural that holds a clue to a mysterious power.

After you bring back a picture of a statue in the Depths, Josha's team finds a mural that holds a clue to a mysterious power.

Quest Location

This quest will be available from Josha in Lookout Landing if you have completed Camera Work in the Depths and have completed at least one of the regional phenomena quests. However, you can go to the locations described below and unlock new features without starting the quest.

Go Back to the Statue

A statue was found near Iayusus Lightroot, so teleport to there. The statue is southwest of the lightroot.

Follow the Statues

Go in the direction that the statues are pointing. Be sure to check on any floating blue flames that you find. These are Poes, which you can trade with Bargainer Statues, such as the one in Lookout Landing where Josha and Robbie are.

Eventually, you will reach Nihcayam Lightroot.

Farther along, there will be a Frox, which will eat any Brightbloom Seeds that you plant near it.

As you go along, you might find a hut with a diary that mentions Master Kohga.

There will be a pit in the ground, and you will find some Grand Poes in the stone archways. These are worth 20 Poes.

Beyond the archways, you discover the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Check on the glowing symbol that you find in the mine. This will create a teleport location there. You will also receive the Autobuild ability. Autobuild will save a record of the things that you have built, allowing you to spend Zonaite to quickly recreate them using nearby parts.

Repair the Vehicle

Use Ultrahand (not Autobuild) to attach the wheel to the cart that has three wheels attached already, making sure that it is facing the same direction as the other wheels. If you did it correctly, the researcher will ask you to repair the other cart.

Switch to Autobuild, then select the cart. The nearby parts will automatically be put together to create the cart. All you have to do is wait for the cart to be assembled, press the build button, and set it down when it is done.

Now you must battle Master Kohga. Read Master Kohga Boss Strategy for details.

After the battle, be sure to open the chest to get a Huge Crystallized Charge, worth 100 Crystallized Charges. This will allow you to go to a crystal refinery, such as the one north of Lookout Landing, to increase your Energy Cell capacity.

Then talk to the Construct nearby to get a Schema Stone. It will add the Fanplane schematic to your Autobuild list.

The side adventure Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan will start.

Get Another Schema Stone

Talk to Josha in Lookout Landing to receive the Hot-Air Balloon schematic. After the cutscene, use Autobuild and select the Hot-Air Balloon schematic to build the Hot-Air Balloon.

Josha will give you a Large Zonaite. This completes A Mystery in the Depths. You can now talk to Robbie to start the side adventure Hateno Village Research Lab.