List of Paraglider Fabrics

Throughout Hyrule, you can find fabrics that you can use to customize your Paraglider.

How to Customize the Paraglider

Talk to Sayge in Hateno Village (at 3408, -2149, 0121) to customize your paraglider with the fabrics that you have found (see below).

Paraglider Fabrics

Fabric Name How to Obtain
Ordinary FabricAvailable at the start.
Nostalgic FabricIn the tower on top of the Temple of Time Ruins on the Great Plateau.
Royal Hyrulean FabricGo to -0490, 1006, 0053 (at the west side of Hyrule Castle) to find a layer of boulders (as well as a Thunder Wizzrobe nearby). Use bomb flowers, Zonai time bombs, or heavy weapons to destroy these boulders. In the area down below, a Gloom Spawn will attack. Defeat it, then open the chest in the middle of the room to get this fabric.
Goron FabricSuccessfully complete the Mine-Cart Land: Death Mountain course (available after completing the beginner and quick-shot courses)
Zora FabricComplete the quest The Blue Stone.
Gerudo FabricComplete the desert race at the Southern Oasis Training Area in 2:30 or less.
Sheikah FabricPurchase an item from Enchanted, Claree's clothing shop in Kakariko Village.
Zonai FabricComplete the side adventure Legend of the Great Sky Island.
Korok FabricComplete the quest The Secret Room.
Hudson Construction FabricPurchase and build a dream home by talking to Rhondson in Tarrey Town.
Lucky Clover Gazette FabricInvestigate 2 stories as part of Potential Princess Sightings.
Lurelin Village FabricComplete the quest Rattled Ralera.
Horse-God FabricEarn and redeem 5 Pony Points.
Monster-Control-Crew FabricComplete all six of the "Bring Peace to...!" quests.
Zonai Survey Team FabricComplete Messages from an Ancient Era.
Cece FabricTalk to Sayge in Hateno Village for the first time.
Robbie's FabricComplete the Hyrule Compendium.
Koltin's FabricFind all the Bubbulfrogs in all of the caves in Hyrule and give all Bubbul Gems to Koltin.
Yiga FabricComplete Infiltrate the Yiga Clan and win the Blademaster's combat challenge at the Yiga Clan Hideout.
Horse FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of a horse.
Cucco FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of a cucco.
Eldin-Ostrich FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of an Eldin ostrich.
Grizzlemaw-Bear FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of a grizzlemaw bear.
Chuchu FabricComplete the quest Photographing a Chuchu, for Sayge in Hateno Village.
Aerocuda FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of an aerocuda.
Stalnox FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of a stalnox.
Lynel FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of a Lynel.
Gleeok FabricShow Sayge in Hateno Village a picture of a Gleeok.
Tunic of Memories FabricUse the Link (Archer - Breath of the Wild) amiibo.
Pixel FabricUse the 8-bit Link amiibo.
Hylian-Hood FabricUse the Link (Rider) amiibo.
Egg FabricUse the Link (Link's Awakening) amiibo.
Hyrule-Princess FabricUse the Zelda (Breath of the Wild) amiibo.
Goddess FabricUse Zelda and Loftwing amiibo.
Sheik FabricUse the Sheik (Super Smash Bros.) amiibo.
Zora-Champion FabricUse Mipha amiibo.
Goron-Champion FabricUse Daruk amiibo.
Rito-Champion FabricUse Revali amiibo.
Gerudo-Champion FabricUse Urbosa amiibo.
Ancient-Sheikah FabricUse Guardian amiibo.
Mirror of Twilight FabricUse the Super Smash Bros. Link amiibo or the Wolf Link amiibo.
King of Red Lions FabricUse the Link (Wind Waker) amiibo or Toon Link (Super Smash Bros.) amiibo.
Princess of Twilight FabricUse the Zelda (Super Smash Bros.) amiibo.
Lon-Lon-Ranch FabricUse the Young Link (Super Smash Bros.) amiibo or Link (Ocarina of Time) amiibo.
Bygone-Royal FabricUse the Toon Zelda (Wind Waker) amiibo.
Demon-King FabricUse the Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros.) amiibo.
Champion's-Leathers FabricUse the Link (Tears of the Kingdom) amiibo.
Bokoblin FabricUse Bokoblin amiibo.
Majora's-Mask FabricUse the Link (Majora's Mask) amiibo.
Sword-Spirit FabricUse the Link (Skyward Sword) amiibo.