Great Sky Island

After you proceed through the Room of Awakening, you arrive on Great Sky Island.

After you proceed through the Room of Awakening, you arrive on Great Sky Island.

Get Another Weapon

From the water that you land in on Great Sky Island, swim to the stone steps. Look nearby for a tree branch on the ground. Pick it up and you can use it as a weapon. Follow the on-screen instructions to equip it, since it is stronger than the weapon that you started with.

Tree branches break easily, so be sure to pick up as many as you can find.

Get Some Food

Farther ahead, you will see some Skyshrooms growing at the base of the trees. Be sure to pick them up. You can use them as needed to restore your health.

Go farther and you will find an apple tree. Take the apples, which you can also use to restore your health.

Battle an Enemy

Farther ahead from the apple tree, an enemy will attack. Hit it with your tree branch to defeat it (the branch will probably break during the fight, so be sure to switch to another tree branch to continue fighting), then collect the items that the enemy drops.

Go past where you battled the enemy, into the open building, and you will find a Wooden Stick. This is a stronger weapon than tree branches, so equip it now.

From here, turn around and go straight ahead to an area that you haven't gone to yet. There is a stone structure where you can find a tree branch and more Skyshrooms.

Examine the Object

Exit the stone structure and go to the right. Examine the greenish object on the ground and you will receive the Purah Pad. You can press - to use it.

Go Toward the Marked Destination

Afterward, a destination will be marked on the map. You can press - to see the full map. Check on the glowing circle to extend a bridge. Cross it, and go into the stone structure on the right. Talk to the Steward Construct if you wish. You can also pick up and throw the pots to find apples.

From the stone structure, turn around and go straight ahead. Go to the end of the ledge and stand on the green circle, and press the indicated button to jump.

In the water where you land, you can catch Hot-Footed Frogs.

Go to the path between the two lamps at the edge of the water. Up ahead to the left, there is another Soldier Construct. Defeat it. If you can't carry any more melee weapons, you can hold the left or right directional pad button and use the control stick to go to a tree branch, then press X while still in that menu to drop it.

Continue along the stone path and defeat the Soldier Constructs that you encounter along the way.

Farther ahead, you find a Steward Construct at a campfire. You can talk to it to learn how to roast your food. Roasted food heals more health than regular food.

Swim across the water ahead and go up the stairs to the building at the top. Defeat the Soldier Construct and equip the Rusty Broadsword and Old Wooden Shield that it drops. Then go up the stairs and check on the door, and there will be a cutscene, where you will learn what you need to do to open the closed door.