List of Recipes

Using materials that you find around Hyrule, you can cook many different meals and elixirs at a cookpot.

How to Learn New Recipes

Cook different combinations of ingredients at a cookpot to see if they make a recipe. If not, you will get either Dubious Food or Rock-Hard Food.

Another way to learn recipes is to complete the quest "Lurelin Village Restoration Project", then talk to Kiana in Lurelin Village to receive a meal that you don't have the recipe for yet. She has a new meal approximately every 2 and a half hours of play time.


Recipe Number Recipe Name Ingredients Cooking Method
1 Mushroom Skewer Mushroom Cookpot
2 Meat and Mushroom Skewer Meat, mushroom Cookpot
3 Fish and Mushroom Skewer Fish, mushroom Cookpot
4 Meat Skewer Meat Cookpot
5 Fish Skewer Fish Cookpot
6 Seafood Skewer Crab or snail Cookpot
7 Copious Meat Skewers Four different kinds of meat Cookpot
8 Copious Seafood Skewers Four different kinds of seafood (fish and/or crab and/or snail). Cookpot
9 Steamed Fruit Fruit, plant Cookpot
10 Steamed Tomatoes Tomato, plant Cookpot
11 Steamed Mushrooms Mushroom, plant Cookpot
12 Steamed Meat Meat, plant Cookpot
13 Steamed Fish Fish, plant Cookpot
14 Sautéed Peppers Spicy pepper Cookpot
15 Sautéed Nuts Chickaloo tree nut or acorn Cookpot
16 Fried Wild Greens Plant Cookpot
17 Copious Fried Wild Greens Four different kinds of vegetables Cookpot
18 Cooked Stambulb Stambulb Cookpot
19 Buttered Stambulb Stambulb, butter Cookpot
20 Copious Mushroom Skewers Four different kinds of mushrooms Cookpot
21 Spiced Meat Skewer Meat, Goron spice Cookpot
22 Prime Spiced Meat Skewer Prime meat, Goron spice Cookpot
23 Gourmet Spiced Meat Skewer Gourmet meat, Goron spice Cookpot
24 Crab Stir-Fry Crab, Goron spice Cookpot
25 Meat and Seafood Fry Fish, meat Cookpot
26 Prime Meat and Seafood Fry Prime meat, seafood Cookpot
27 Gourmet Meat and Seafood Fry Gourmet meat, fish Cookpot
28 Salt-Grilled Greens Salt, vegetable Cookpot
29 Salt-Grilled Mushrooms Mushroom, salt Cookpot
30 Salt-Grilled Meat Meat, salt Cookpot
31 Salt-Grilled Prime Meat Prime meat, salt Cookpot
32 Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat Gourmet meat, salt Cookpot
33 Salt-Grilled Fish Fish or snail, salt Cookpot
34 Salt-Grilled Crab Crab, salt Cookpot
35 Herb Sauté Herb, Goron spice Cookpot
36 Fragrant Mushroom Sauté Mushroom, Goron spice Cookpot
37 Pepper Steak Meat, spicy pepper Cookpot
38 Pepper Seafood Fish, spicy pepper Cookpot
39 Fragrant Seafood Stew Seafood, stambulb, oil Cookpot
40 Deep-Fried Drumstick Raw drumstick, oil Cookpot
41 Deep-Fried Thigh Raw bird thigh, oil Cookpot
42 Deep-Fried Bird Roast Raw whole bird, oil Cookpot
43 Seafood Meunière Fish, butter, wheat Cookpot
44 Porgy Meunière Porgy, butter, wheat Cookpot
45 Salmon Meunière Salmon, butter, wheat Cookpot
46 Fruit and Mushroom Mix Mushroom, fruit Cookpot
47 Simmered Fruit Fruit Cookpot
48 Copious Simmered Fruit Four different kinds of fruit Cookpot
49 Simmered Tomato Tomato Cookpot
50 Fruity Tomato Stew Salt, milk, tomato Cookpot
51 Tomato Mushroom Stew Tomato, mushroom Cookpot
52 Tomato Seafood Soup Tomato, seafood Cookpot
53 Cream of Vegetable Soup Two vegetables, milk, salt Cookpot
54 Veggie Cream Soup Vegetable, milk, salt Cookpot
55 Cream of Mushroom Soup Mushroom, vegetable, salt, milk Cookpot
56 Creamy Meat Soup Meat, vegetable, salt, milk Cookpot
57 Creamy Seafood Soup Fish or crab or snail, vegetable, salt, milk Cookpot
58 Snail Chowder Snail, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
59 Creamy Heart Soup Hydromelon, voltfruit, hearty radish, milk Cookpot
60 Glazed Veggies Vegetable, honey Cookpot
61 Glazed Mushrooms Mushroom, honey Cookpot
62 Glazed Meat Meat, honey Cookpot
63 Glazed Seafood Honey, seafood Cookpot
64 Curry Rice Rice, Goron Spice Cookpot
65 Vegetable Curry Rice, vegetable, Goron spice Cookpot
66 Meat Curry Rice, meat, Goron spice Cookpot
67 Prime Meat Curry Rice, prime meat, Goron spice Cookpot
68 Gourmet Meat Curry Rice, gourmet meat, Goron spice Cookpot
69 Poultry Curry Rice, poultry, Goron spice Cookpot
70 Prime Poultry Curry Rice, prime poultry, Goron spice Cookpot
71 Gourmet Poultry Curry Rice, gourmet poultry, Goron spice Cookpot
72 Seafood Curry Rice, fish, Goron spice Cookpot
73 Cheesy Curry Rice, cheese, Goron spice Cookpot
74 Carrot Stew Carrot, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
75 Pumpkin Stew Pumpkin, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
76 Meat Stew Meat, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
77 Prime Meat Stew Prime meat, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
78 Gourmet Meat Stew Gourmet meat, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
79 Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin Meat, pumpkin Cookpot
80 Vegetable Risotto Vegetable, rice, salt, butter Cookpot
81 Mushroom Risotto Mushroom, rice, butter, salt Cookpot
82 Salmon Risotto Salmon, rice, salt, butter Cookpot
83 Crab Risotto Crab, butter, salt, rice Cookpot
84 Cheesy Risotto Fish or mushroom, cheese, rice, salt Cookpot
85 Poultry Pilaf Raw bird drumstick, egg, rice, butter Cookpot
86 Prime Poultry Pilaf Raw bird thigh, rice, egg, butter Cookpot
87 Gourmet Poultry Pilaf Raw whole bird, egg, rice, butter Cookpot
88 Seafood Paella Seafood, rice, butter, salt Cookpot
89 Curry Pilaf Goron Spice, rice, butter Cookpot
90 Fried Egg and Rice Egg, rice Cookpot
91 Crunchy Fried Rice Rice, meat, egg, oil Cookpot
92 Seafood Fried Rice Seafood, rice, salt Cookpot
93 Crab Omelet with Rice Crab, egg, rice, salt Cookpot
94 Meat and Rice Bowl Rice, meat, salt Cookpot
95 Prime Meat and Rice Bowl Prime meat, rice, salt Cookpot
96 Gourmet Meat and Rice Bowl Gourmet meat, rice, salt Cookpot
97 Cheesy Meat Bowl Meat, rice, cheese, salt Cookpot
98 Prime Cheesy Meat Bowl Prime meat, rice, cheese, salt Cookpot
99 Gourmet Cheesy Meat Bowl Gourmet meat, cheese, rice, salt Cookpot
100 Veggie Rice Balls Rice, vegetable Cookpot
101 Mushroom Rice Balls Rice, mushroom Cookpot
102 Meaty Rice Balls Rice, meat Cookpot
103 Seafood Rice Balls Rice, fish Cookpot
104 Veggie Porridge Rice, milk, vegetable Cookpot
105 Wheat Bread Wheat, oil, salt Cookpot
106 Melty Cheesy Bread Wheat, cheese, oil, salt Cookpot
107 Hylian Tomato Pizza Cheese, tomato, wheat Cookpot
108 Meat Pie Wheat, butter, salt, meat Cookpot
109 Fish Pie Wheat, butter, salt, fish Cookpot
110 Cheesy Tomato Cheese, tomato Cookpot
111 Cheesy Baked Fish Cheese, fish Cookpot
112 Omelet Egg, salt Cookpot
113 Vegetable Omelet Vegetable, egg, butter, salt Cookpot
114 Mushroom Omelet Mushroom, egg, salt, butter Cookpot
115 Cheesy Omelet Vegetable, cheese, egg, salt Cookpot
116 Hot Buttered Apple Apple, butter Cookpot
117 Honeyed Fruits Fruit (not apple), honey Cookpot
118 Honeyed Apple Honey, apple Cookpot
119 Honey Candy Honey Cookpot
120 Fried Bananas Banana, wheat, sugar Cookpot
121 Egg Pudding Egg, milk, sugar Cookpot
122 Plain Crepe Wheat, egg, milk, sugar Cookpot
123 Wildberry Crepe Wheat, milk, egg, sugar, wildberry Cookpot
124 Honey Crepe Wheat, sugar, honey, egg, milk Cookpot
125 Nutcake Wheat, butter, sugar, nut Cookpot
126 Fruitcake Apple, wheat, sugar, wildberry Cookpot
127 Carrot Cake Carrot, wheat, sugar, butter Cookpot
128 Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin, wheat, sugar, butter Cookpot
129 Cheesecake Cheese, wheat, sugar Cookpot
130 Fruit Pie Fruit, wheat, sugar, butter Cookpot
131 Apple Pie Apple, wheat, sugar, butter Cookpot
132 Egg Tart Egg, butter, sugar, wheat Cookpot
133 Milk Milk Cookpot
134 Noble Pursuit Palm fruit, hydromelon, voltfruit, salt Cookpot
135 Monster Stew Monster extract, meat, seafood Cookpot
136 Monster Soup Monster extract, wheat, milk, butter Cookpot
137 Monster Curry Monster extract, rice, Goron spice Cookpot
138 Monster Rice Balls Monster extract, rice, salt Cookpot
139 Monster Cake Monster extract, sugar, wheat, butter Cookpot
140 Dark Stew Dark clump, meat, seafood Cookpot
141 Dark Soup Dark clump, wheat, butter, milk Cookpot
142 Dark Curry Dark clump, goron spice, rice Cookpot
143 Dark Rice Ball Dark clump, rice, salt Cookpot
144 Dark Cake Dark clump, wheat, butter, sugar Cookpot
145 Dubious Food Non-food items or incompatible ingredients Cookpot
146 Rock-Hard Food Ore Cookpot
147 Baked Apple Apple Campfire
148 Baked Golden Apple Golden apple Campfire
149 Charred Pepper Spicy pepper Campfire
150 Roasted Hylian Tomato Tomato Campfire
151 Roasted Wildberry Wildberry Campfire
152 Roasted Voltfruit Voltfruit Campfire
153 Roasted Hydromelon Hydromelon Campfire
154 Baked Palm Fruit Palm fruit Campfire
155 Roasted Mighty Bananas Mighty bananas Campfire
156 Roasted Lotus Seeds Fleet-lotus seeds Campfire
157 Roasted Mighty Thistle Mighty thistle Campfire
158 Roasted Armoranth Armoranth Campfire
159 Roasted Swift Carrot Swift carrot Campfire
160 Roasted Endura Carrot Endura carrot Campfire
161 Baked Fortified Pumpkin Fortified pumpkin Campfire
162 Baked Sun Pumpkin Sun pumpkin Campfire
163 Roasted Radish Hearty radish Campfire
164 Roasted Big Radish Big hearty radish Campfire
165 Toasty Skyshroom Skyshroom Campfire
166 Toasty Hylian Shroom Hylian shroom Campfire
167 Toasty Stamella Shroom Stamella shroom Campfire
168 Toasty Rushroom Rushroom Campfire
169 Toasty Sunshroom Sunshroom Campfire
170 Toasty Chillshroom Chillshroom Campfire
171 Toasty Zapshroom Zapshroom Campfire
172 Toasty Razorshroom Razorshroom Campfire
173 Toasty Ironshroom Ironshroom Campfire
174 Toasty Silent Shroom Silent shroom Campfire
175 Toasty Brightcap Brightcap Campfire
176 Toasty Endura Shroom Endura shroom Campfire
177 Toasted Hearty Truffle Hearty truffle Campfire
178 Toasted Big Hearty Truffle Big hearty truffle Campfire
179 Seared Steak Raw meat Campfire
180 Seared Prime Steak Prime meat Campfire
181 Seared Gourmet Steak Gourmet meat Campfire
182 Roasted Bird Drumstick Raw bird drumstick Campfire
183 Roasted Bird Thigh Raw bird thigh Campfire
184 Roasted Whole Bird Raw whole bird Campfire
185 Roasted Arowana Ancient arowana Campfire
186 Roasted Bass Bass (not hearty bass) Campfire
187 Roasted Trout Trout Campfire
188 Roasted Carp Carp Campfire
189 Roasted Porgy Porgy Campfire
190 Roasted Cave Fish Glowing cave fish Campfire
191 Roasted Hearty Bass Hearty bass Campfire
192 Roasted Hearty Salmon Hearty salmon Campfire
193 Blackened Crab Crab Campfire
194 Sneaky River Escargot River snail Campfire
195 Roasted Tree Nut Chickaloo tree nut Campfire
196 Roasted Acorn Acorn Campfire
197 Campfire Egg Bird egg Campfire
198 Hard-Boiled Egg Bird egg Hot Spring
199 Icy Meat Raw meat Extreme Cold
200 Icy Prime Meat Prime meat Extreme Cold
201 Icy Gourmet Meat Gourmet meat Extreme Cold
202 Frozen Bird Drumstick Raw bird drumstick Extreme Cold
203 Frozen Bird Thigh Raw bird thigh Extreme Cold
204 Frozen Whole Bird Raw whole bird Extreme Cold
205 Frozen Arowana Ancient arowana Extreme Cold
206 Frozen Bass Bass (not hearty bass) Extreme Cold
207 Frozen Trout Trout Extreme Cold
208 Frozen Carp Carp Extreme Cold
209 Frozen Porgy Porgy Extreme Cold
210 Frozen Cave Fish Glowing cave fish Extreme Cold
211 Frozen Hearty Bass Hearty bass Extreme Cold
212 Frozen Hearty Salmon Hearty Salmon Extreme Cold
213 Frozen Crab Crab Extreme Cold
214 Frozen River Snail River snail Extreme Cold
215 Energizing Elixir Restless cricket, monster part Cookpot
216 Hasty Elixir Hot-footed frog/hightail lizard, monster part Cookpot
217 Spicy Elixir Summerwing butterfly/warm darner, monster part Cookpot
218 Chilly Elixir Winterwing butterfly/cold darner, monster part Cookpot
219 Electro Elixir Electric darner/Thunderwing Butterfly, monster part Cookpot
220 Fireproof Elixir Smotherwing butterfly/fireproof lizard, monster part Cookpot
221 Mighty Elixir Bladed rhino beetle, monster part Cookpot
222 Tough Elixir Beetle, monster part Cookpot
223 Sneaky Elixir Sunset firefly/silent shroom/silent princess, monster part Cookpot
224 Sticky Elixir Sticky frog/sticky lizard, monster part Cookpot
225 Bright Elixir Deep firefly, monster part Cookpot
226 Enduring Elixir Tireless frog, monster part Cookpot
227 Hearty Elixir Hearty lizard/hearty bass, monster part Cookpot
228 Fairy Tonic Fairy Cookpot